Benefits of Animated Sales Explainer Videos 

Entrepreneurs should eliminate the confusion, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals with an animated sales explainer video

One of a salesperson’s most effective tools is a sales explainer video. They allow the business sales team to highlight what their company does and the unique ways in which they solve a potential customer’s problems. 

Using explainer videos for sales shouldn’t be hard, so don’t let bad sales videos hold the organization back. Learn more about how sales explainer videos can help heighten organizational sales.

Why Sales Videos are Effective

  • They reduce friction in the sales cycle
  • Shorten the time of conversation
  • Create a consistent communication style for the sales team to use.

Why Sales Explainer Videos are Essential

With any sales process, the entrepreneur knows that prospects have questions. Not only do they want to know what their solutions or products are, but they’re also looking to see how they will benefit them. To stay relevant, businesses need to showcase their products the right way. 

It is insufficient to simply have a brochure on hand or even a fantastic website. They need to incorporate the power of animated explainer videos into their sales process.

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

Entrepreneurs already know how busy prospects are. In addition, they are constantly being barraged with content. This includes sales content created by their competitors. Since attention spans are at an all-time low, capturing the attention of their audience in under 90 seconds is critical. 

A sales explainer video with animation can help with that. No matter if the entrepreneurs need a demo video to highlight the features of their software or an overview of their latest product. They can’t beat the power of animated videos. When done right, it’s a sales tool that can take the organization to the next level.

Increase Sales Leads by Incorporating Video

Most of the time, prospects will do their research well in advance of calling the entrepreneur. That means they’re scouring the business website looking for information. Why not make it easy for them with a sales video that showcases the solution? 

By having an animated video with great narration, a business can reach potential customers early in the buying process. It lets them know how the business can help them. With the help of animation, this is all made possible. It all happens even before one of the sales reps can email or speak with these leads. Let the creativity of a video do the heavy lifting for the business.

Sharing the Message with Animation

If a business owner is ready to start a sales video project, they may be wondering where to start. It can be confusing with all the options available. Why not collaborate with a team that has produced thousands of sales videos for other companies? 

Providers like Explainify have put together a Frustration-Free process that makes the entire process as smooth as possible. It means the business gets to focus on the ideas while they transform them into creative reality.

From the initial concept to animating the business video and adding wonderful audio effects, the experts are by the entrepreneur’s side the entire way. Business owners should start incorporating sales explainer videos into their sales process and pipeline today. In this case, their new prospects will thank them for it.

Suppose the sales department of an organization is struggling to communicate with potential clients in meaningful ways, losing a lot of potential leads over a long sales cycle, or having inconsistent sales processes within your team. In this situation, sales explainer videos are the answer! They range from 1-2 minutes because the prospect doesn’t have a ton of time. 


The contemporary marketplace is experiencing an increasing use of animated sales explainer videos because clients are becoming more complex and convenience is the key to the success of any business. Since clients want to make viable decisions, they want to view compelling videos before making any decision because they don’t want to make a single mistake.

Therefore, entrepreneurs wondering how to heighten their sales should consider an animated sales explainer video as a priority solution. Due to competition, an excellent sales explainer video can make a big difference among businesses.

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