Benefits of PU Shoe Sole

Without a sole, no shoe is complete. The shoe’s sole serves as its foundation and principal structure. There are various sorts of soles; the most popular outsole is a PU shoe sole. These materials come in the form of a liquid and two components termed polyol and isocyanate, which combine to make a PU outsole when mixed. The very competent properties of it benefits¬† both PU sole manufacturer and consumer. Because of its great quality, PU soled shoes are commonly used for jogging, trekking, exercise, workout, and other types of hard terrain training.¬†

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Shock Absorption: The footwear should have high shock absorption properties for applications where the consumer must stand or walk for long periods. As a result, polyurethane is the ideal material for such a task.
  • Climate Controlling: Given that they’re shoes, this may sound weird. In cold weather, dual-density PU material shoes keep feet warm and insulated, while in hot weather, they allow air to circulate and keep feet cool. This is especially useful in areas where temperatures fluctuate outside, such as construction and mining.
  • Comfortable: They are at ease. This is because polyurethanes, specifically dual-density polyurethanes, give a more cushioned sole for improved comfort. This helps to ensure that the hours spent wearing these shoes are pleasant ones. It’s no surprise that greater comfort makes all the difference when considering the applications and sectors in which the shoes will be used.
  • Resistance to Chemicals: Polyurethane is noted for being inert, strong, and durable. As a result, footwear manufacturers consider PU base to be sufficiently valuable to be used as a shoe foundation material in high-end wellbeing shoes for various businesses.
  • Durable: Shoes built with dual density PU are more durable than those created without because they can endure temperatures of up to ninety-five degrees Celsius. When considering how long they will endure, this makes them a reasonable and cost-effective alternative. The Frames PU Dual Density Sole Range has a dual layer of polyurethane for even more protection.
  • Light Weight: They’re not heavy. This is due to the way polyurethanes are made. In a nutshell, diisocyanates combine with other di-functional chemicals, like glycols, to produce PU. This causes millions of tiny bubbles to burst, contributing to their lightness and resulting in lighter footwear. Nobody wants to go about with heavy feet; as a result, a vaporous substance like polyurethane is commonly chosen as the ideal alternative as the foundation for lightweight footwear.
  • Anti-skid Sole: The PU sole shoes are non-slip and have a good grip on the ground. Furthermore, they have a great bending capacity. That is why they are well-known for their anti-skid abilities.

Therefore, The vast number of benefits that PU soles offer, as well as their adaptability to various footwear, are the main factors that push them to the top of the preferred list for PU sole suppliers. The amount of market area that PU soles can occupy is practically limitless. This basic polyurethane substance is making its presence felt in everything from flip-flops to high-end leisure shoes. 

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