Benefits of Upgrading You Floor Mats

There are limitless ways to upgrade your vehicle, from its exterior to its interior. If you want to make a significant and affordable change, consider upgrading your floor mats. Whether you choose to buy custom floor mats for trucks or universal options for cars, they offer a variety of benefits, from easier cleaning to reduced wear and tear.

How Custom Floor Mats Make Cleaning Easier

Your vehicle’s floors take all kinds of beatings from you and your various passengers. They’re bearing the brunt of daily traffic, moisture, and ground-in debris and dirt through the four seasons.

Custom floor mats fit your truck or car’s floor wells, based on its year, make and model. They reduce wear and tear on your floor well and are easy to remove and clean as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Perhaps best of all, they keep rust or mold from your floorboards, which prevents more significant, more expensive structural problems.

Different Types of Floor Mats

Not sure what type of mat to buy? Here’s a look at three different types of floor mats and their specific benefits.

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  1. Carpet

While carpet floor mats usually aren’t as durable and easy to clean as rubber and rubberized thermoplastic mats, they have some compelling benefits. One is their underfoot friction and grip, which gives many drivers a better feel for the pedals. 

Another benefit of carpet floor mats is that their manufacturers choose tough polypropylene or nylon materials, which are comfortable, stylish, and stain- and crush-resistant. Also, the lighter weight of carpet mats can make them easier to clean than heavier rubber mats. Covercraft, Hurst and Lloyd Mats are some of the high-quality brands producing carpet mats today. 

  1. Rubber

Rubber floor mats are often vehicle owners’ middle-of-the-road choice between carpet and rubberized thermoplastic mats, thanks to their durability and price. In addition, most rubber mat options feature dirt-trapping grooves and moisture-collecting grooves and are easy to clean with soap and water.

If you’re often in wet or inclement conditions, rubber floor mats may be the ideal option for you. Trusted brands Goodyear, Husky Liners and WeatherTech are some of the companies that manufacture rubber mats.

  1. Rubberized Thermoplastic

When you’re looking for the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing floor mats for your ride, consider a rubberized thermoplastic option from MAXLINER or Rugged Ridge or the 3D Maxpider Kagu floor mats. They comprise three durable layers: an anti-skid backing, an anti-fatigue and sound-deadening foam center, and a thermoplastic rubber top layer that resembles woven carbon fiber.

Water- and heat-resistant, these good-looking, easy-to-clean floor mats are available in black, gray and tan shades that complement all vehicle interiors. When you’re ready to spruce them up, remove them from your vehicle and hose them clean.

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If these benefits of upgrading your floor mats have spurred you to start looking for the best product for your vehicle, don’t forget you can also upgrade your mean machine’s car seat covers. Start looking for the best covers once you’ve found your mats, from neosupreme car seat covers to canvas and leather options.

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