Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Addresses the Three Dimensions of Wellness During the Pandemic

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Addresses the Three Dimensions of Wellness During the Pandemic

Wellness is all about continuous inner balance and expansion! Several people think that wellness is all about “being well” physically. That is not true. When you think of wellbeing and wellness, it includes much more than weight management, blood pressure, and exercise. It comprises concepts like emotional wellbeing, happiness and stress reduction as well. Speaking of stress, the entire world is caught up in palpable energy due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, it has become all the more important to attend to our wellness.

Thoughts on wellness by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

Wellness can have several dimensions that contribute to a person’s quality of life. It is essential to attend to the three crucial dimensions of wellness during the pandemic, such as:

The physical dimension

Our physical wellness comprises a mix of healthy behaviors that include body movement, adequate nutrition, and refraining from alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, during the pandemic phase, most people are complaining of minor to major physical discomforts because of the stagnancy that has come upon life. Hence, it is necessary to adopt healthy habits that result in physical well-being during such testing times, such as:

• Practice yoga or aerobics daily
• Give yourself ample rest
• Address your physical discomforts medically
• Manage meal portions
• Consume healthy and nutritious food
• Refrain your habit of smoking
• Time your activities
• Sleep and get up on time

The emotional dimension

Emotional wellness is dynamic and is subject to changes caused in the immediate environment. When you are emotionally well and balanced, you know how to express all your human emotions, such as anger, happiness, sadness, and the like. It means you can sense a feeling of fulfillment. If you are emotionally well, you are optimistic and have high self-esteem.
However, the pandemic with its infection and death rates and lockdown orders have affected people’s emotional wellness. To correct it, you can resort to the following steps:

• Write in a journal
• Try to think positive
• Provide and seek support
• Opt-in for stress management tactics
• Forgive and accept yourself
• Try meditation and deep breathing
• Speak to a therapist about your feelings

The intellectual dimension

Your intellectual wellness dimension is all about being creative and getting involved in engaging mental activities. It is essential to live an inspired life as that exercises the mind. If you have increased intellectual wellness, you have a mind that seeks to learn new things. You will want to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge. You will want to stay tuned to the current events.
However, currently, the pandemic phase has affected people’s intellectual wellness as well. The news updates mostly speak of virus infections and similar updates. There is a constant threat of getting infected despite the global vaccine drive. If you are feeling intellectually blocked, you can opt-in for the following:

• Try and learn a new language.
• Opt-in for an online workshop on a subject that interests you
• Read light-hearted books
• Try and connect with people who stimulate you intellectually
• Try to know more about different art types

The pandemic phase has imposed many limitations. However, according to Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach, if you want to address your physical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing, you can opt-in for the above-mentioned guidelines.

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