Best Affordable Bikes for College Students 2021

As more college campuses raise the fees on student parking, college students rely on bikes to get them around campus and the surrounding area. Bicycles range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, but when you’re on a budget, you need a high-quality model for a reasonable price. You have many options available when you’re browsing at different styles of bikes, but here are the best bikes for college students in 2021.

Comfort Bikes for College Students

Do you need a bike for casual riding and short commutes? Comfort bikes are ideally suited for riders who aren’t concerned with traveling at high speed or on rough terrain.

Around the Block

The Around the Block is one of the most affordable college bikes you can buy. It features an Easy-mount step-through frame, rear rack for storage, two-inch tires for stable riding and a wide comfy seat. It’s available in four different gear layouts up to 21 speeds.

Womens Cruiser

The Womens Cruiser improves on the previous design by using an ergonomic frame, adding a dual spring seat and repositioning the pedals. It features front and rear fenders, two-inch tires and a step-through frame.

Paven’ Trail

If you’re looking for a comfort bike that can handle light trail riding and a short commute, the Paven’ Trail is for you. The bike’s features include a 21-speed Shimano gear system, hybrid tires for multiple surfaces, a lightweight frame, and additional customizable accessory points.

Hybrid Bikes for College Students

Hybrid bikes borrow characteristics from mountain bikes and road bikes to produce an all-purpose cycle. It’s more durable than a comfort bike and suited for light off-road trips and street riding.


The  Evryjourney bike is a perfect blend of a sleek road bike and a rugged off-road bike. Some of the bike’s features include a lightweight aluminum frame, front and rear handbrakes, 26-inch wheels and a rear storage rack.

Reach your Destination

When you need a bicycle for urban commuting and light trail riding, you can try out the Reach your Destination. It features seven gear speeds, hybrid tires for comfort and speed and attachment points for accessories.

EvryJourney Fattire

For riders who need to explore more than city streets and suburban areas, the Evryjourney Fattire is the ultimate hybrid. The four-inch tires provide traction over sand, snow dirt and pavement, and the ergonomic pedal design reduces fatigue over long rides. The Fattire has front and rear disc brakes to provide exceptional stopping power.

Unisex Bikes for College Students

If you have trouble finding bicycles in the other categories, you can try a unisex bike. Unisex models are designed for male and female riders.

BodyEase Tricycle

The BodyEase Tricycle is designed for casual riding on neighborhood streets and other paved low-traffic areas. The tricycle has a massive rear storage basket that can fit groceries, equipment or even a small dog. The 1.95-inch wheels and ergonomic pedal position provide a comfortable ride for a relaxing journey.

Traveling around a busy campus can be challenging, but you can travel in style when you have a reliable, comfortable bicycle. Visit an online bicycle distributor for the latest models and accessories.


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