Best Android Games To Kill Boredom 2021

Gaming is the part of our lives, and we do gaming whenever we feel bored or excited; if you’re a teenager, then you can’t keep yourself away from gaming sine android devices are in reach of everyone nowadays so, in this situation where the android system has become very common. Everyone affords it; then everyone is trying out different games to kill boredom.

We’ve reached 2021, and everything changes with time. I know that many websites have already provided too many android game collections to play, but keep in mind that those apps are very old and provided in the past. Every year thousands of new gaming apps appear in the market so, time is everything.

In the beginning, I was also not interested in providing the specific article. Still, then I thought that we love to experience something new every day so, people also love to do the same, and that’s why I’ve provided the updated list of android gaming to play.

I’ve provided the information according to my resources and experience; I don’t get data from any website, so I’m a unique article creator and always provide my perspective about everything.

PUBG Game For Android

PUBG indicates every gamer and especially the teenager; everyone has started to play it since the developer provides freeware stuff. If you want to play action & adventure games, then you should try out this app. If you’re already familiar with the PUBG word, then suggest it to someone as well.

For me, this game is the best to kill boredom; the features of the game are very large in amount. It’s very difficult to describe each of the features right away so, we will conclude the game by providing useful information, and you can learn out the rest of the features by installing them on your phone.

Are you looking for a PUBG game for your android OS, then Atozapk is the best platform to get it, and I’ve heard that it also provides the PC version so, just go for it if you want it for your computer system.

Benefits Of PUBG Gaming

PUBG is a very famous game to kill boredom, but it has changed many gamers’ lives. We have everything now, like Android devices to play games or every possible accessory so, gaming has become very easy for a new generation. It was a dream for our generation to play such high-quality video games, and secondly, android mobile was in number.

  • Create & Viral YouTube Channel

This concept is new to many people who are not very active in this field; PUBG has got an unexpected rating from the users; you can improve your skills by playing it again & again. Practice is everything in gaming, and the more you practice, tarkov cheats the more you get the fruit of the labor.

Enhancing gaming skills is the only option to last in the market. If you’ve got a good grip on PUBG, you can’t live in hunger. PUBG has become a sign of dollars as well.

Have you ever seen that many YouTube contains short PUBG gaming videos? And actually, these videos are uploaded by different gamers like us; some get the respect they deserve, and some can’t get it up to the mark.

It is a time-consuming process, so; you have invested your precious time on your channel to earn dollars.

Ludo Star 2 For Android

Different ludo star has been launched by yet, but I like to play Ludo Star 2 game since it’s very amazing and provides good video graphics and the customization is also good; I don’t feel that any other changes are required to be made, but I want them to add video camera footage to earn an unexpected rating.

We use to compete many people from different areas & countries since the app allows sending & receiving messages &emojis, then they should add the video calling feature as well; I got this idea from another Ludo game app available on Play Store and also watched some of the advertisement related to video calling Ludo game.

I did not install the new app, which allows video calling during ludo since I prefer to play Ludo Star 2 game. You can bet different amounts of coins like 1k, 3k, 10k, 100k, 250k, and 1m. It’s up to you what bet you want to choose, but make sure that your remaining coins are enough to bet a game.

The gameplay is very simple; if you bet 1m, you will get double the coins after winning the game. If you lose, then 1m will be sent to the opponent player.

Angry Bird For Android

Angry bird is also a good choice for android gamers to kill the boredom since the angry bird is a different game than the rest of the product. The game contains hundreds of stages; you will get a promotion after clearing one stage. If you’re playing the 2nd stage, you can move to the 3rd stage without clearing the 2nd one.

The next stage can be unlocked if you finish the mission of the current stage. I think that the option is very good because if you’ve just completed the mission of stage 1 and now you want to play the last stage of the game, then it’s unfair to you & game as well and it will also make you lose the interest in the game so, always follow the sequence.

Candy Crush For Android

Candy crush is the most admiring game by play Store users. The gameplay is very simple & easy. You will get different bubbles type stuff. If you get more than two bubbles of the same type & color, then you can kill by attaching them; make sure that both bubbles are in sequence and next to each other.

The app is available on multiple android stores; first of all, the app is very famous on the Google Play store, and then secondly, the Apple store also contains this product. I want to say one thing that it’s more popular on the Apple play store. I’ve checked the rating, and it got 4.7/5 on Apple Play Store, but if we talk about Google Play Store, its rating is 4.6/5 on the Google Play store. Now the last Candy Crush Saga store, its rating is 4.5/5, so if we compare it with any alternative, it’s far ahead of every alternative.

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