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It’s common to hear the term “big data” thrown around in the business and tech worlds. Precisely, it’s the process of sifting through massive amounts of data from many sources and identifying patterns, trends, and problems. There is a long and remarkable list of examples of how you may use Big data Hadoop Training in Big data Hadoop Training in Kuala Lumpur to advance society. Big data is beneficial, but traditional software is not equipped to deal with it.

These days several organizations specialize in helping people sort through massive databases and find the vital information inside them. There are various ways to analyze and organize data, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Big data and data analytics are becoming popular in the computer industry. As a result, big data occupations are becoming more lucrative, and big data firms are becoming quite popular. Many professionals choose the best Big data online course to get into these big data firms.

Were you looking for the best Big Data companies?

Here is a list of the best big data firms to work for if you are looking to change careers and obtain a position in one of the best big data companies in the industry.


Accenture believes that significant and complicated businesses may benefit from efficiently utilizing their data. They have to depend on data scientists to do it. Accenture is a great place to work if you enjoy characterizing processes and delivering on them through the innovative use of integrated data. For example, the world’s leading professional service provider is looking to hire data scientists in business process specialization and data management. Data scientists at Accenture will also have the opportunity to work on strategic projects. As a result, they’ll be tasked with using massive volumes of data to develop strategies and propose solutions.


ThoughtSpot aims to empower individuals with the capacity to ask data questions, get data answers, and find insights everywhere. They have solutions that can convert data from complex to simple. When using ThoughtSpot’s AI-powered search, anyone may quickly uncover data-driven insights. The solutions make data management comprehensive and straightforward for everyone, from C-suite executives to front-line employees. ThoughtSpot’s technologies have been used by Walmart, Daimler, and Hulu to alter their decision-making processes.


As part of Oracle’s Big Data Appliance server, various Oracle software applications are preloaded and configured on the machine. It includes Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle NoSQL Database, Apache Hadoop, Oracle Data Integrator with Application Adapter for Hadoop, and Oracle Loader. Many on-premises and cloud-based analytic packages are also available, along with data integration platforms and streaming analytics.


IBM supports several databases for Big Data analytics, such as DB2, Informix, and InfoSphere, to name a few. You can also find analytics software like Cognos and SPSS on the platform. In terms of Big Data, IBM has its Hadoop distribution, Stream Computing for real-time data processing, IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop, and IBM BigInsights on Cloud for Hadoop as a service through IBM Cloud.


FinTech, retail, telecom, and insurance are just a few of Intellias’ specialties. The company describes itself as “Intelligent Software Engineering.” It works in a wide range of industries, from technology to consulting. Location-based services and geospatial projects are a rapidly expanding market for Intellias, thanks to the proliferation of sensors enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). Data analytics projects in the gaming industry show that the company understands the needs of consumers.


HANA, SAP’s in-memory relational database that integrates with Hadoop, is the company’s primary Big Data solution. HANA is a traditional database with rows and columns and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) capabilities to perform advanced analytics like predictive analytics and spatial data processing. It can also perform text analytics, text search, streaming analytics, and graph data processing. As well as warehousing your data on a single platform, SAP provides cloud services and various data management solutions for governance, orchestration, cleaning, and storing.


With the support of its Azure cloud platform, Microsoft is expanding its Big Data approach. A relationship with Hortonworks allows HDInsights to analyze structured and unstructured data on the Hortonworks Data Platform using the HDInsights tool. iTrend, Microsoft’s iTrend platform for real-time reporting on marketing campaigns, brand names, and specific items, is another option. Microsoft recently bought Revolution Analytics, which created the only Big Data analytics platform written in R, a programming language for developing Big Data apps without needing a data scientist’s expertise.


Based on Google’s innovation, the company delivers integrated and end-to-end Big Data solutions that allow organizations to capture, analyze and transmit their data in a single platform. A cloud-based analytics engine, BigQuery, analyses a large quantity of data quickly. One of the advantages of BigQuery is that it is a serverless data warehouse that is wholly managed and inexpensive. A database administrator isn’t needed, and no infrastructure needs to be maintained. 


Data scientists at Genpact work in a centralized hub approach that prioritizes customer experience. According to the organization, citizen data scientists are being developed through several projects, such as the Machine Learning Incubator and ML Upgrade. With the help of an in-house upskilling framework dubbed ‘Genome,’ Genpact encourages its data scientists to become specialists in the latest technological breakthroughs. In addition, Genpact uses the Data Literacy Framework to strengthen its data science workforce continually.


After announcing plans to acquire data visualization firm Tableau Systems, Salesforce became a data analytics software seller when it announced the acquisition of Tableau Systems. Hadoop and Excel files are among the sources it supports for data visualization. Customer data may be compared using Salesforce’s Big Data technologies in linked reports, which allow customers to conclude their own company’s data.

The bottom line

The Big Data market is soaring in popularity due to a growing interest in Big Data analytics’ competitive advantages. With new developments in predictive analytics and data mining, and next-generation AI, Big Data software continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In a nutshell, the world is run by data analytics.

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