Best Block Puzzle Games for Smartphones Today

Block puzzle games are cross-platform games that require players to arrange blocks of different shapes on a board or grid in order to empty out full cells and get points. Block Puzzle games are often made to last for lengthy periods, provided the player keeps clearing cells.

Additionally, this block puzzle has distinct themes, adding additional levels and raising the stakes as you go. Both free and paid versions are available. To increase the thrill of this game, some applications even include tournaments. Here are the best block puzzle games for smartphones.

  • Wood Block Puzzle

The Wood Block Puzzle is one of the top block puzzle games. The game is easy to learn but will take some practice to master. It looks like a wooden puzzle. Your score increases as you clear more blocks.

Make space on the board by arranging the available pieces into a vertical or horizontal line. The game is over when the board has no more place for blocks. The game is a fresh spin on old-school puzzle games like Tetris that has no time limits.

  • Block Hexagon Puzzle

Your puzzle-solving skills will be tested in this thrilling variant of the classic dissection puzzle game. The distinctive components will provide several challenges to your ability to think clearly as you work to put all of the blocks into the grid. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of blocks filling up the board, fitting into the allotted areas, and exploding with color. The challenges get more challenging as you go. The game has tens of thousands of levels, daily rewards, and more material for devoted players. It is both an entertaining stress relief and a mental exercise.

  • Epic Jigsaw Puzzle 

Most of us learned to solve jigsaw puzzles as when we were young. For enthusiasts of jigsaw puzzles, Epic Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect choice. Over 10,000 lovely photographs from various genres are included in the game. You can even use your phone’s picture library to make puzzles.

With the help of the game, you may travel the globe without ever leaving your house, taking in       breathtaking sights, changing seasons, and even seeing global wonders. It contains daily puzzles HD images with a resolution 1080p and 11 difficulty levels.

  • Puzzle Game Cube- Classic Block Puzzle 

Your gaming sessions with Puzzle Game Cube – Classic Block Puzzle will be more enjoyable. Players of all ages can easily understand and enjoy this game, and it’s an excellent way to sharpen your memory and response speeds.

To clear horizontal and vertical full lines in Puzzle Game Cube, you must fill all the blocks in the columns or rows. In a repetitive but extremely engrossing process, this makes room for new blocks. One of the game’s distinctive features is the design of the blocks.

Final thoughts

Some of the top block puzzles available right now are the ones listed above. You won’t regret downloading any of the aforementioned block puzzles.


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