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In a coffee shop, people lifestyles are increasingly shifting, where the habit of drinking coffee at a coffee near me is one of the routine activities that is always awaited.

Coffee now is not just brewing a cup of coffee because coffee is usually accompanied by various other activities, ranging from talking about business, and doing assignments for students, to talking about politics to politicians.

So basically, coffee has become a style of our society in various circles. Coffee activities are also one of the current trends for young people.

No wonder there are now more and more coffee shops in various cities, countries, and internationally. Including in Singapore. Currently, there are many coffee shops that offer various kinds of coffee from various countries.

To make it more interesting and comfortable to visit, the manager usually designs a coffee shop so that it is comfortable to be used as a hangout place.

Coffee shop near me

The following are recommendations for coffee places in Singapore that you can use as a place or relax for a moment to relieve stress all day:

  1. Twenty-fifth coffee

This coffee shop offers a cozy and peaceful atmosphere for you to linger here all day long.

Visitors here can carry out various tasks, projects or jobs here with more focus because the atmosphere created is very peaceful and calm.

With 1 cup of coffee, you can play internet in cyberspace at high speed. No wonder this cafe has become one of the favorite hangout spots in Singapore for young people who like to surf online.

You can try a variety of delicious menus to accompany a hangout with friends, ranging from:

  • Espresso
  • Long black
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mocha
  • Chocolate
  • Tea latte
  • Cold drinks
  • Affogato

Of the many coffee menus above, the most favorite here is Cappuccino. In addition to enjoying a variety of drink menus, you can also try various snacks and breads that will certainly make hanging out more exciting, ranging from donuts, cronuts, and various kinds of cakes and breads that you can choose for yourself.

  1. Sleepy coffee

In addition, you can also spend time with colleagues or partners.

This contemporary coffee place is also very comfortable for us to make a place to spend time or play with friends and family.

The cozy cafe design will make you want to share information with friends. In addition to the cafe design that is so comfortable, the combination of nuances in the form of music and the interior is also very neat and interesting to look at.

You can also enjoy various western menus and other menus that will make you enjoy them with friends or family.

  1. Blumchen coffee

This cafe carries a typical European interior theme in it. With a very extraordinary design, visitors will capture the moment when they are here to upload it to their Instagram account, so for those who want to stop by here, don’t forget to take a happy photo.

You are guaranteed to be addicted to trying coffee here because the barista mixes coffee beans into drinks with many meanings ranging from hot to cold coffee.

The first cold coffee that is most often ordered is cold brew, made using the manual brew method, but the difference is that it does not use hot water but uses room temperature water. After brewing, the coffee is left in the refrigerator for more than a night. This is done to get the cooled coffee concentrate. Usually, cold brew is served with ice cubes. It can be said that cold brew is similar to infused water, except that instead of fruit and vegetables, the ingredients are coffee, but coffee grounds.

That the cold coffee variant that is popular among young people. If you don’t want to miss the trend, you can enjoy a variety of cold coffees at these places!

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