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What is the Best Flooring For a Commercial Gym?

Flooring For a Commercial Gym

What is the best floor for a commercial fitness gym? If you are thinking about building a commercial fitness center then you know that the majority of your space is going to be in the gym and the majority of your customers will be using treadmills or elliptical machines. Therefore, you need to have a good strong floor that will support these machines and keep your customers safe. You also want a floor that will attract the foot traffic that your gym will get because people like to exercise in front of mirrors.

kind of flooring for the gym

Most people have no idea what kind of flooring is best for a home gym but everyone knows that the most expensive floor is not always the strongest one. So it is time to do some research and figure out what kind of gym flooring tiles Dubai is best for your home gym.

Carpet rolls

If you are lucky enough to have carpet in your home then you have a huge advantage over all the other commercial gyms out there because the carpet is so easy to care for. Carpet rolls are the norm to lay down the floor of any large gym and they come in several different thicknesses to provide maximum protection to your subfloor and your joints.

Tiles Flooring

Home gyms tend to be smaller and for this reason, there is not a great deal of variety in the materials they use. However, commercial gyms can have many different floorings, even though the majority of their space is in the gym. One of the more common options tiles. Tiles are very strong and they have a very professional look that many people like. You can buy tiles in almost any color and size you wish and the cost is very low compared to other floorings. The reason tiles are so popular for home gyms is because they allow the gym to feel much larger than it actually is, which is something that people enjoy.

Chalk line

Another option for gym flooring is a chalk line. Chalk lines are basically horizontal lines that run parallel to the wall and are usually laid on the cement foundation of the building. Some chalk lines are painted to give them a nice professional look, but the most common colors are white or gray. These chalk lines offer a very clean look that is easy to maintain. You can purchase either white or gray chalk lines and since they are fairly cheap, you should have no problem putting one together on your own.

Interlocking puzzle tiles

The last type of flooring we will discuss is interlocking puzzle tiles. Interlocking puzzle tiles are made by several different companies including Maxi-Gel. These tiles go together with screws so you have no pre-assembled pieces to worry about. Once you have the tiles in place all you have to do is put them together with the included adhesive. These interlocking puzzle tiles are recommended for smaller gyms that may not need to accommodate a lot of weight.

Roll Flooring

The final type of flooring we are going to talk about today is roll flooring. Rolled rubber flooring can be used for many different reasons. One of the main reasons why people choose this type of gym flooring is for its durability. Although these tiles can start out looking very basic, they can last for years. With that said, you should really think about purchasing these roll tiles if your gym has heavy traffic. Many commercial gyms that use rolled rubber flooring also add in some other type of flooring like carpet.


As you can see, there are a number of different options to consider when it comes to Dubai vinyl flooring. When deciding which one you should choose, you should always keep the health of your customers in mind. You don’t want your customers having to use a sore back because of a sub-standard floor. Therefore, if you’re in the market for flooring, you need to consider each of these types and think about whether or not they would be a good choice for your business. If not, then you can always roll your own!


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