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Fitness has now been one of the trending topics for 2020. But if you really think about it then it should be in the of our top concerns all the time. Why do you ask? Well apart from the aesthetic part of fitness and healthy body comes the most important part which isliving longer.

In order to achieve that goal and live a long happy life with your family, you need to stay fit. And to help you with that journey you might need some fitness and exercise equipment. You may have heard a lot of things from others that are supposedly inseparable part of exercising, but what really works? This question can be solved if you just look around and search for the best seller of the category.

Relax! You don’t need to do that on your own because I have got your back jack. I did the research for you and some interesting products that are the best seller of the categories both in exercise and fitness. So without further ado here’s the list.


This is smart watch which can almost be considered legendary. This smart watch track of each and every step of yours. It gives you extensive reports of your exercising sessions. It also keeps track of your heartbeat and heart rate. You don’t have to separately install a calorie counter app because Fitbit can do it for you.

This has been in the list of Amazon best seller for a lot of time. Even when you are in your sleep Fitbit tracks your sleep cycles. That way it can give you accurate data of how much sound sleep you have gotten the previous night. No wonder this is one of the most purchased product in the exercise and fitness category.

Neoprene dumbbell weigh

This is another most search and most purchased product in the category. With over 700 ratings and overall 4.5 stars it has a strong grasp on its position. When it comes to exercising it is is almost always necessary to have some kind of weight. Some people love how to do exercises with only body weight but that is only for the beginners.

If you are planning on to put some muscles then you have no other choice but weight training. Also it tones up your muscles and gives you a firm and shredded look all over.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Bock

Yoga is a very popular form of exercising. And this yoga block works great with the process. Yoga positions can sometimes be tricky and people can get easily hurt every fail to follow proper instructions. That’s why anything slippery can be dangerous. To prevent such accidents from happening this yoga block is essential.

These yoga blocks are also popular for after workout stretching session.

Hydro flask

If you are a fan of random social media fads and trends then you are definitely familiar with hydro flask. Not because it is a wonderful companion to the gym with your with your plain water or protein shake but there was a trend of ‘visco’ girls.

Keeping that full story aside this is an amazing way of keeping your water with you and being mindful of the environment.

Resistance band

Similar to weight training people use resistant bands exercise specific parts of their body. They are kind of stretchy yet enough resisting to give you the perfect burn.

Yoga mat

Well it’s in the name it’s a yoga mat so you definitely do yoga in it. But do you only do yoga in it? No. Especially during this lockdown time, a yoga Mats can be used for home workout sessions. Any slippery surface is very dangerous for doing exercise. A yoga mat is a soft surface that gives you a safe space to do all your home workouts safely. When you’re looking for a yoga mat to use at home, it’s important to choose one that’s non-slip. The best non-slip yoga mats will be made of natural materials and will have an anti-bacterial treatment to offer additional benefits. These mats are the best option when you’re doing exercises at home because they help you avoid slipping and falling during a workout session.


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