Bitcoin ATMs Proliferation – What Does It Indicate?

The United States tops the number of Bitcoin ATMs with the number of installations jumping up dramatically in recent months. North America is the undisputed leader with 83 percent of global ATMs being installed here. 

Industry experts are attributing the surge in ATM numbers in the US to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. The mainstream acceptance of digital assets is also a key reason for the surge in BTC ATMs. However, the multiple benefits offered by these cryptocurrency ATMs can be one of the main reasons why they are attracting more footfalls.

A BTC ATM can be used for buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with cash. In some complex and advanced ATMs such as Cryptobase ATMs, you can also sell BTCs you have for cash. Here are some of the benefits of using these unique ATMs.

Financial Privacy

Bitcoin ATMs offer the privacy that people need when they are carrying out any transaction. When you buy or sell BTCs, your transactions are visible and known only to you. This kind of privacy is not available when you do crypto transactions through an exchange. Your details can be accessed by hackers. There is a real chance that you can lose money to scams at some of the exchanges. Also, the pi network earn pi coin free.

Impregnable Security

Bitcoin ATM usage is also increasing because they are absolutely safe to use. While exchanges may be hacked because of the gaps in the security systems, you are unlikely to face such a situation when you use a Bitcoin ATM. They are run and managed by local businesses. The system upkeep and maintenance are handled by the company. No third party can ever access the hardware or software of these ATMs, making them incredibly secure.


If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you just have to locate a BTC ATM near you and do it instantly. When you do it using online exchanges, the process can be long-drawn, hassling, and agonizingly slow. Even after you are done with it, the approval can take even longer. You don’t have to face such issues at a BTC ATM.


An important reason for the growing demand for crypto ATMs is the ease of use it offers. Once you understand how it works and follows the instructions, you can feel at home using them. There are no complex processes, verifications, and passwords to deal with. 

No Need To Be Tech-Savvy

Cryptocurrency technology can be complex and beyond the comprehension of those who are not tech-savvy. However, those who use BTC ATMs need not be experts at decoding technology as the machines are designed in such a way that even those who are not tech experts can use them. 

Cryptobase ATMs rank high among the various brands of Bitcoin ATMs available across the US. You can use these ATMs to buy as well as sell Bitcoin quickly and securely. These user-friendly systems are strategically located in almost all states of the US. Search for a Bitcoin machine near me to locate the nearest Cryptobase ATM effortlessly. 

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