breast augmentation

During breast augmentation The surgeon will place the breast prosthesis under the breast tissue. or above the pectoral muscles or both under the pectoral muscles and breast tissue The surgeon will give advice on The procedure that is most suitable for the patient This will help to increase or balance the size of your breasts. make breast size the same or restore the shape of the breast After partial or complete breast loss, please note that breast augmentation cannot correct sagging or very saggy breasts. In these cases, a breast lift is often required, which can be done in conjunction with this procedure.

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All artificial breasts are made with silicone bags filled with silicone gel or saline. An outer silicone bag is also available. Both smooth, glossy, polished or slightly rough surfaces, by type, style and size. The breast implant you choose will be based on the patient’s lifestyle, shape, and amount of breast tissue. and the desired cup size and shape of the breast Therefore, consult your doctor about choosing a breast implant. suitable for oneself

We use the method of dissection and the most commonly used breast implants. It will be incision in the nipple area, under the breast or under the armpit. Choosing the location of the surgery is more than just an aesthetic aspect. The surgeon will give advice on the procedure that is most suitable for the patient.

preoperative care

To assess the size and position of the breast implant our goal is a breast augmentation that is proportional to the patient’s body and to maintain a natural look Breast size and position The implant chosen depends on many factors, such as the patient’s cup size. The cup size required by the patient is the shape of the patient including the tightness of the chest muscles. If the patient has less breast tissue and wants to supplement breast as much as possible It is recommended that a large prosthesis be placed under the muscle. to prevent feeling or notice that a breast implant was inserted It’s also less likely to develop capsule cystic fibrosis (hardening) if large pectoral muscles are present. Breast implants should be placed. above the muscles for comfortable movement and look natural For patients with mild to moderate breast sagging A larger prosthesis is recommended to be placed above the muscle. This will help your breasts look plump and natural.

– before surgery Please inform your surgeon of any allergies, medical conditions, and medications you are taking. (both with and without prescription)

– Avoid aspirin and blood thinners such as brufen for 2 weeks before surgery. to reduce your chances of bleeding after surgery

– You should not smoke for 2 weeks before the surgery. This is because smoking can affect the reaction to anesthetics and slow down healing.

– Patients with high blood pressure must inform the surgeon before surgery.

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