Everything You Should Know About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast sagging is something from which many women are having problems, and it happens mostly because of breastfeeding, weight loss, ageing, or sometimes because of hormonal changes. To make the breast look normal. Breast lift surgery is done, which is also known as mastopexy. In this surgery, the breasts are lifted and brought back to normal positions from sagging.

According to research, it was founded that in 2018 around 100,000 breast lift surgery were performed in the United States. The price for this surgery is less in comparison to other breast surgeries. In the field of medicine, sagging of the breast is called ptosis. The cosmetics surgeon has divided the sagging into Grades.

The below are the Grades divided by them:

  • Grade 1: It is mild sagging. A nipple is just below the boundaries of the breast but above the lower part.
  • Grade 2: It is moderate sagging; a nipple goes below the boundary, which means the breast is below the nipple.
  • Grade 3: It is severe sagging. The nipple goes below the boundary of the breast.
  • Grade 4: it is the worst stage when the nipple and lower part of the breast are above the boundary of the breast.

Who should not do Breast lift surgery:

  • If you are pregnant or planning to be, never do it because it can cause problems while breastfeeding
  • If you are a patient of diabetes or obsessed.
  • If you are a regular smoker, very much addicted
  • If you have a breast cancer

Breast lifting procedures

Cirugía de levantamiento de senos is performed in an operation centre or the doctor’s centre. The patient will be meeting all the nurses, doctors, and other staff for information before the surgery. The surgeon will first mark the proper location to make your nipple locate and make the sagging less. After marking the mark, the patient will be taken to the operating room, where she will be getting sedation.

In the next step, the surgeon will remove all the extra fats from the patient’s breast and will be lifting them in the proper place. Generally, after the surgery, it takes around 2-3 weeks for the surgeon to remove all the stitches in the patient’s breast, and the size and shape do not change immediately; with time, it keeps on changing and getting better shape and size and reducing the sagging.

Risks that may occur:

  • Scars: After the surgery, scars may take place, but with time it fades away and gets back to normal.
  • Changes in the nipple: Mostly, it comes back in a few days, but in some cases, it can be permanent.
  • Change in breast size: Generally, this happens because the breast heals at different speeds, so sometimes.
  • it results in a difference in the size of the patient’s breast
  • Loss of nipple: This case is very rare in patients, only sometimes it occurs because of the blood loss in that area

Cost of Breast lift surgery:

Breast lift surgery is generally categorized under cosmetic surgeries, so many health insurance companies do not cover this under the insurance policies. The American plastic surgeon body says that nearly the whole surgery cost approximately around $4,693. This cost is only for the surgery, and there are many other expenses like.

    • Hospital costs
    • Tests
    • Prescriptions
    • Surgeon fees


Many women suffer from the sagging of breast problems for many reasons, and this surgery is best for them. As every surgery has some risks, so does breast lift surgery, but if done by professional surgeons and taken care of properly, then there is no risk at all. There may be some big problem taking place in some cases, but normally it is an easy and less painful surgery.
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