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Building a Home: 4 Styles to Consider

The average price of a new home has increased by 32.6%! In certain cities, it has increased by 43%.

If you’re dreaming of the perfect home but want to stay on budget, then you might consider building your home. Building your home can ensure that you receive the home of your dreams!

While picking out the right home might seem overwhelming, you’re in luck! Read on to explore this guide on the different types of houses to build that are trending right now. 

  1. Adobe Revival

When you’re exploring the benefits of building a house, you might come across the Adobe Revival style for your new home. Companies such as ByKrueger.com can make your dreams a reality. 

This type of construction uses organic materials such as mud. It’s most popular in West Asia, North and West Africa, along with other locations. You can find a large prominence of them in the Southwestern United States. 

  1. Colonial

When you’re wondering how to build a home, hire an expert to create your colonial dream. This style dates back to European influence in the Americas. The great part about this home is that it’s built to be less vulnerable to the changing climate. 

Within the colonial style, you can find different types. These sub-styles include the cape cod, saltbox style, etc. 

  1. Craftsman

If you’re looking for smaller house models that still have style, check out craftsman. It dates back to California in the early 20th century. It then moved eastward from there. 

Originally, some were against it since it was the opposite of the Victorian style. If you’re dreaming of a craftsman, get your natural materials ready!

They often have a low-pitched roof with hipped gables. Wide front porches with pedestals or tapered columns are common. You might also find handcrafted woodwork or stone on these homes. 

While the inside is smaller, they tend to be open to allow easier traffic. It encourages families to interact since it’s a smaller area. Built-in bookcases and cabinetry are common as well. 

Like bungalows, craftsman styles focus on brick, wood, and stone. Enjoy the detail of these homes as well. 

  1. Victorian

Even if it’s not the 1800s, you can still have a Victorian home built. These homes enjoy detail, patterns, and different fabrics. The designs offer varying textures and colors. 

Today, you can enjoy Contemporary Victorian home designs. It’s about using modern colors and fabrics instead of the traditional options. 

These homes will often have a dominant front-facing gable, a steeply pitched roof, and lovely bay windows. You’ll have a full or partial front porch to go along with it. 

Deciding on the Different Types of Houses To Build

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different types of houses to build today. Take your time deciding which house is within your budget and meets your needs.

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