Can Eyelashes Be Trimmed

The questions of whether or not you can trim your eyelashes and whether you should do so are very different. You can trim your natural or artificially long eyelashes if they bother you. However, before you grab the scissors, think about the risks and consequences involved. It is better to get your eyelash extensions in Austin than to risk trimming your natural lashes.

If long, thick lashes are what you’re after, trimming them won’t get you there. Trimming eyelashes does not cause them to grow thinner or more slowly, contrary to popular belief. Eyelashes grow at a rate of about 1/100 of a millimeter per day before falling out and being replaced by new ones.

How to trim your lashes?

Please take extreme caution when trimming your eyelashes to avoid getting any hair or causing damage to your eyes. Use fine scissors for your brows and eyelashes in a well-lit area. Your lids should be closed while you get your lashes trimmed by a professional. It is discouraged to do it yourself unless you have extensive experience doing so.

For artificial eyelashes, cut the edges of your fake eyes to the correct size before you apply them. Trim the lashes so that the ends are flush with the width of your eyes. For a more subtle appearance, shorten the lashes near the inner corners of your eyes when you trim their length.

Why should you trim your false eyelashes?

It is better to trim your eyelash extensions than your natural lashes. Depending on the extension length, your lashes may extend past your natural lash line. In addition to making your false eyelashes look more natural, trimming them can help them stay in place along your lash line. Cutting down on the length of your false eyelashes can:

Create Natural Look

Your eyelash extensions will look more natural if you trim them to fit your eye shape and lash line. False eyelashes can have lengths cut to make them shorter and appropriate to the size and look of your eyes.

Enhance Comfort

Too long eyelash extensions can be uncomfortable. If your eyelashes are too long or too short, your lash strands may rub and irritate the delicate skin around your eyes unless you trim them.

Protect Your Eyes

Long eyelashes attract dust and debris, which can irritate the eyes and lead to styes if the lash adhesive isn’t properly cleaned. Dust can accumulate on the tips of your false eyelashes, but trimming them can solve that problem.

Firm Bonding is the Key

The proper bonding of the lash extension to the eyelash is crucial, so it’s important to have someone experienced with the extensions apply them. Each extension mimics the appearance of a natural lash. The lash extension adheres to the real lash. The bond is as strong as a natural lash with proper application and can last as long as two months. If you want your extension to last through any kind of wear and tear, only a professional can apply the adhesive correctly. When the lashes are properly bonded, they can withstand water, sweat, tears, and even direct sunlight.

Eyes can be better defined with minimal effort, thanks to lash extensions. They demand little attention and do not hamper your daily routine. When applied by a professional, they become a semi-permanent solution for longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes.  If you want professionally bonded eyelashes, get your eyelash extensions in Austin.

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