Can I Get Cable TV Back After Cutting The Cord?

Well, there are a lot of reasons as to why we started the trend of cutting the cord and if you have forgotten, let me remind you: price hikes, inconvenience, and the supremacy of streaming platforms. However, there are things due to which cord-cutters might not adjust very well with the streaming trends. This article discusses the reasons why cord-cutters might want to revisit their decision and how to get back to cable TV.

Why would I want to go back to cable TV?

While streaming services have provided us with flexibility and great ease, they have also debunked our healthy routines and that is just the tip of it. The following reasons show why cord-cutting might have been a wrong decision for you:

Subscription to Multiple streaming services

An average U.S. household is subscribed to more than three streaming services as of now. In addition, with the increase of streaming platforms, the decision is getting tougher. For example, I used to watch ‘The Office’ on Netflix, but then Peacock came into the scene and ‘The Office’ started featuring on it. Am I going to subscribe to Peacock because of ‘The Office’? Yes. Am I going to drop my subscription to Netflix now? A big NO. Why is that? There are many other shows that I have grown fond of and so there is no way that I will drop Netflix now. However, being subscribed to all these platforms is burning a hole in my wallet. 

Heavy Subscription Charges

Another reason is that one needs to have a live TV subscription as well, and it costs a lot. Few channels through Live TV cost a lot more than what you used to spend on traditional cable TV.

Expensive Equipment

The add-ons that you need with subscriptions to streaming services cost a lot more than the original subscriptions. If you want to watch it on your TV, you need a streaming device, which can either be a smart TV or a streaming stick. Some of these devices can cost you a fortune upfront as well as on monthly basis. 

High Internet Prices

If you want to stream content, you need to have a reliable and fast internet connection. This is because streaming is your only source of entertainment and without the internet; your entertainment can fall flat. So, if you are serious about streaming, you need to be paying a lot in terms of internet prices. 

All of these reasons point to one thing: get your cable TV back. You can keep your subscription to one or two streaming platforms intact as well, but honestly spending so much money on such countable content should be a crime. 

How to get my cable TV back?

Easy, the same way you got it in the first place. However, for people who are new to this, we have assembled a list of steps you need to take in order to get the best cable plan for yourself.

Understand your needs

Firstly, find out about your requirements. You need to be aware of the cable channels that you need, the number of channels that would be enough for you, and the channel categories that you have to have. For example, I am not a sports buff, so my cable plan does not require a lot of sports options. 

Research your options

Getting back with cable TV does not necessarily mean that you need to get back with your previous cable provider. You need to know your available options; not all cable providers cover all states and so before anything else, find out the cable providers in your vicinity. You can do this by entering your zip code into websites like LocalCableDeals. Once you know the service providers, research about their plans, packages, discounts, channel lineups, and most of all customer service. You ought to find out expert reviews and customer feedback. My advice is that you go for customer-oriented cable providers like Mediacom that offers excellent cable packages with the most reasonable prices and additional perks. In addition, Mediacom customer service is quite experienced and efficient in handling your queries. 

Contact your preferred cable provider

Once you have compared all the cable providers in your area, you must have found a preference. At this point, you should contact the cable provider and figure out which cable plan works best for you. Therefore, make sure to find out everything about the cable packages and ask for new customer discounts, on this call. Furthermore, discuss the channels that have primary importance for you and which ones can you drop, so that your customer rep can provide you with the most accurate details that are tailored for you.

Check out bundling options

Have you ever gotten excited by a two-for-one pizza deal? If yes, you know how bundling works. In simple words, an easy way to save money is to bundle up services. If you use the internet and phone already, you can think of bundling them with your cable to lower your combined bill. This will save a good amount of money on yearly basis. 

Bundling services also increase your customer value and subsequently lets you reap better favors from the service provider. Losing a customer that has subscribed to all three services is always a big downturn for service providers and so they will do anything to keep you with them.

Over-the-air cable

If you do not want to get into the traditional cable TV zone again, yet want to have a taste of cable channels – you need to get your hands on OTA or Over-The-Air TV. It is easy, free of cost, and kind of fun. 

All you need is an antenna and the fun can begin right away. Through OTA TV, you can enjoy the content of all your favorite local channels. This makes it possible for you to keep your on-demand streaming subscriptions intact while omitting live TV memberships that cost a fortune.

The Last Word

In this article, I have put together everything that you need to know in order to access cable TV again. If you still have any queries, you can simply contact your preferred cable provider and get all the details you need. Make your decision based on concrete facts and before signing a contract with the cable provider, make sure that every aspect of it is clear to you.

Best of luck!

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