The pain of getting a tattoo is not something you want to ignore. Tattoos can indeed be painful. In San Antonio, tattoo artists use real equipment and ink to create your design, which can be a bit intimidating at first. Therefore, you should expect some level of discomfort. To make this process more manageable, it’s crucial to choose the right tattoo shop in San Antonio, where they can help control the pain. Keep in mind that the level of pain sensitivity can vary from person to person. Tattoos can cause different degrees of discomfort. Learn more about tattoos below.


The level of pain you experience during a tattoo varies depending on its location. As you plan your next tattoo in San Antonio, you should mentally prepare for the following aspects.

One of the most painful areas to get a tattoo is the armpit. You may reconsider this choice even if you’re visiting the top tattoo shop in San Antonio, as the armpit area, having little to no fat, can be particularly painful.

Another sensitive area is the ribcage, which is the second most painful place for a new tattoo. The skin on the ribcage is thin and lacks significant fat, making it more sensitive to tattooing. If possible, opt for a temporary sticker tattoo in this area to avoid the discomfort of a real tattoo. The pain of getting a real tattoo in this region isn’t worth it, especially because the skin moves with each breath, making the experience even more challenging.

Other painful areas to be aware of include the groin, ankles, legs, breasts, nipples, neck, spine, lips, head, ears, stomach, feet, toes, and inner biceps. These areas either have minimal fat or are too sensitive for comfortable tattooing.


There are areas that are less painful to tattoo, which you should consider if you have a high pain threshold. These areas include:

– The outer upper thigh

– The forearm

– Outer shoulders

– Outer biceps

– Calves

– Upper and lower back

When choosing a tattoo location, consider various factors, especially if you have a high pain tolerance. Age, experience, gender, and weight can all affect the pain experienced during a tattoo session. For more information on tattoo designs, contact the experts at Platinum Tattoos in San Antonio at (210)996-8752 or visit their website.

This post was written by a professional at Platinum Tattoos & Body Piercing. Platinum Tattoos & Body Piercings is a family-friendly tattoo shop that provides quality custom tattoos and body piercings to clients in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2000, Platinum’s mission is to produce legendary service and exceptional art to our amazing clients. Everyone on the Platinum team has achieved high standards in their element of work by remaining professional, clean, and incredible artists. Platinum sets a whole new standard for the tattoo community. P.S. Yes, we want to hear about your tattoo ideas!


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