Can Vograce Create Custom Button Pins and Promotional Products?

Whether you are looking for a button pins that is in a particular shape, a custom D-ring button, or a button that has a specific logo on it, you can count on Vograce to create your perfect promotional item. You can also have a personalized button made from a variety of materials, including Tinplate, Acrylic, or a unique combination of both. You’ll find that your button will stand out from the rest.


Whether you’re looking to promote a brand or create a unique branded button, Vograce offers a wide variety of custom buttons and promotional products to meet your needs. These buttons are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to make them the perfect fit for your business. These buttons are durable and can last for years.

They can be used to decorate and label clothing, and can even be attached to lanyards or badges. They come in a range of sizes, including round, square, and rectangle. Some are made from metal and others are plastic. They can also be decorated with pictures or engraved.

The most common form of custom button is the pinback. They include a safety pin, upper shell, and mylar sheet. The mylar sheet is a clear plastic coating that makes it easy to mark the pin. They are also available in a variety of different colors and are sold in packs of 100.

For a more modest investment, the round button badge is a great choice. They are manufactured with a film that is thin and allows for a quick and easy removal. These products are of high quality, and at a reasonable price.

The tinplate product is another savvy purchase. It is relatively inexpensive, but can be repurposed into other products such as bookmarks and medals. This is especially true if you choose the right material. This is the most cost-effective option, and is oftentimes the preferred choice for small businesses. It is also easy to work with, and is a popular choice for many a DIY project.

The holographic film is a great way to create custom round holographic button pins. These can be applied to a variety of products, including a keychain, a t-shirt, a phone case, or a bottle opener. They are also a fun way to add some personality to your outfit. This is a great marketing strategy that will pay off in the long run.

The Vograce Custom button pins is a great way to increase your brand recognition and expand your business. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, and are manufactured by an American company.

Acrylic keychains

Whether you need custom keychains, pins or other promotional products, you can find everything you need at Vograce. The company has been helping small businesses market for over twenty years. The company offers a wide selection of items including key chains, tote bags, throw pillows, washi tapes, and more. The company also offers discounts on orders.

The company is based in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They are known for their high quality products and outstanding customer service. They offer a wide selection of products, including acrylic keychains. They also have a free clipart library.

The company also offers a variety of colors and shapes for their die-cut stickers. The company has a slotting machine, UV printing machine and a UV curable ink. These are used to create a holographic effect. Customers can choose from the star holographic effect, broken glass, or the golden or silver edge.

The company also offers free shipping on all orders. They use FedEx as their main shipping source. They offer a tracking number, which helps the customer to track the package during shipping. The company’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also offer a free online proof within four hours of checkout.

Besides designing their own marketing materials, customers can also collaborate with designers via video chat. The company has a variety of additional processes, such as a heat transfer method and double-sided printing. The price for each product is listed on the website. They also offer a 20% discount for orders of more than $100.

The company’s manufacturing process is based on the Zhejiang Baigedi Technology. They use type 304 stainless steel to produce their products. This material is made of chromium, silicon, phosphorus, and carbon. The material is used for its corrosion resistance and clean appearance. It is 100% recyclable.

The company also accepts artwork, so you can use your own designs. They provide a cost estimate and turnaround time for production. They are flexible and allow you to cancel your order without penalty.

Acrylic products are colorful and durable. They are also odorless. They can be cut into any shape, making them perfect for advertising or promotional gifts.

D-ring buttons

Whether you are looking for a small gift or a promotional item, Vograce has you covered. They offer custom D-ring buttons and other promotional items, which can be personalized to suit your needs. They provide fast shipping and good customer service. In addition, they have coupon codes for their customers who place large orders. They can also provide you with the latest technology in printing.

For instance, the company offers custom acrylic keychains, which are made from a transparent acrylic sheet, a metal key ring and a loop. They come with UV-printed designs on the inside. They are available in various sizes, and are attached with a 1.5-mm gold or silver edge. They can also be made with glitter.

Vograce can also provide custom metal pins and enamel pins. These can be used for bookmarks, badges, cufflinks and more. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Some are shaped like a cat’s ear, which is useful for adding some personality to your clothing. The company offers a wide range of other custom items.

For example, Vograce manufactures custom round holographic button pins, which are a great way to add some pizzazz to your products. They are manufactured using a holographic film that can be applied to a variety of products, including 44 and 58 mm round products.

In addition, the company also makes custom buttons made of acrylic. These are colorful and easy to dye, and can be shaped into a variety of interesting shapes. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are a great choice for anyone interested in a unique gift.

Vograce also produces tinplate products, which can be used to make a variety of different items. They include badges, medals, lanyards and bookmarks. Some have a plastic bottom, while others have a tinplate bottom, and they are generally inexpensive.

They have a huge manufacturing base, and employ over 200 people. They also offer fast shipping and a sample service. The company can create a design for you, and they can print the design in any size or quantity.

Cat ear shape button pins

VOGRACE offers a vast variety of customizable cat ear shape button pins that can make an impression on the wearer. These promotional pieces are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Aside from the unique designs, they are also affordable. These products are great for adding a touch of personality to your outfit.

These custom buttons are made with materials such as acrylic and tinplate. This type of material is odorless, easy to work with, and durable. They are also water resistant. These items are a popular choice for promotional gifts, awards, and other forms of recognition.

Another type of custom button is the pinback. These are used to attach labels, patches, or other pieces of clothing. These items are often in half-dollar coin sizes. They are available in six different round shapes. This method of manufacturing is less expensive than the film method. They are also more easily removed.

Aside from these, Vograce has a huge selection of other types of customized products. These include keychains, belt buckles, and ornaments. These items are a good way to increase brand visibility and reach a new audience. They are perfect for people on the go.

If you are looking for an affordable way to promote your business, consider Vograce Custom button pins. These products are made in the United States and are designed to last. They are also affordable and can be personalized quickly and easily. They can be printed in a variety of colors and designs, which can help you reach a wider audience.

Custom buttons can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Whether you want a round, square, or heart-shaped design, these products are an affordable option that are sure to be a hit. These products are also produced in fast turnaround time, making them ideal for a variety of occasions.


VOGRACE provides the largest selection of personalized cat ear shape button pins in the industry. You can choose from a wide array of designs, shapes, and sizes, including custom logos and pictures. This will help you create a memorable piece of apparel or an organizational tool.

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