Car Subscriptions Are Becoming More Popular Than Car Buying

The concept of renting a car is not a new one. For years people rented cars. However, the concept of subscribing to a car rental service is a new one. The car market now has two types of consumers who do car subscription vs. buying.

Customers attracted to value-oriented propositions should go for car renting when it comes to car lease vs. buying.

You will receive the most value through a car subscription. It involves a monthly fee and other ancillary costs. It is a simple model and is not as complicated as buying a car. Leasing a car also allows you to choose any car model. Additionally, you get to choose the time frame for keeping the car.

Why Are People Favouring Car Subscriptions?

Car subscriptions are becoming more popular among the latest car enthusiasts and want-to-be car owners. The car subscription is a good alternative for those not keen on taking out a loan to buy a car or who do not want to invest their savings into buying a car.

When you subscribe to a car on Quiklyz, you can get any car and model you want. After certain months when the subscription needs renewal, you can renew it with a new model. If you want to cancel, you can also cancel it at any time. The customers can experiment with multiple car make and models as they subscribe to this service.

Daily Lifestyle Of People Lead To Opting For Car Subscription

According to the lifestyle choices of many people, most of them opt for a car subscription. The reason for the rise of car subscriptions in the battle of car subscription vs buying is the problems with the transport sector.

Multiple issues like congested roads, high-interest rates, lack of credit history, inadequate parking, high fuel prices, and more lead people to rent a car. They are putting off buying a personal car. People are focusing more on need-based usage.

Subscriptions Are More Flexible

In the battle of car lease vs. buying, car subscription services offer flexibility to new users. They can hire the car when needed, for example, if they have a specific timeframe. They can also return and swap cars.

Users can also try the car before subscribing to a car on Quiklyz to see if it suits their needs. Moving to a subscription space on Quiklyz means you get more flexible alternatives than traditional car ownership.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Another reason car subscriptions are becoming more popular is that one can avoid traditional maintenance costs. They do not have to pay for insurance, servicing costs, and more. The global car shortage and high prices have also prompted people to rent cars. Since driving habits have also changed and to avoid road congestion, more and more people are renting cars.

Advantages Of Car Subscription

  1.     No Need To Pay EMI and Down Payment

Since car subscription is becoming more popular, one does not need to pay any more down payments or car loans. All they must do is pay a subscription fee every month or year to keep the car. They can renew or cancel the subscription as they want from the car lease vs. buying.

  1.     No Insurance or Maintenance

In the case of a car lease vs. buying, you do not have to spend any money on maintenance or insurance claims.

  1.     Cost Effective Option

Since car subscriptions are becoming more popular, it saves money. There is no need to make a substantial down payment. There is no EMI. You just pay the charges on the day you use it when you subscribe to a car on Quiklyz.

  1.     Safe Option

Having your car means you do not have to worry about taking a cab. Subscribe to a car on Quiklyz. It is safe and secure for travel.

  1.     Hygenic

When you subscribe out of a car subscription vs. buying, you use it for a specific time. You do not need to worry about its hygiene and maintenance since you will only keep it for a while. The car is going to be clean when it comes to you.


Whether you buy or subscribe to a car all depends on your requirements. However, given the benefits offered by car subscription, it is worth giving a second thought before you make a decision.

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