Celebrate the New Year with a Pizza Party (& Sides)

After all of the holiday celebrations, some of which you may have hosted, once the New Year comes along, you probably do not feel like cooking or putting a whole lot of effort into a New Year’s party. That being said, you should celebrate the new year, especially after this last year. The answer for a fun and stress-free party is to throw a pizza party! 

Papa Johns has some of the best pizza around, and it also has a wide variety of other menu items to choose from. Whether you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party to ring in the new year, or you are having people over to watch the bowl games on New Year’s Day and are looking for Game Day Pizza Specials, Papa Johns can deliver exactly what you want. 

Don’t Want to Cook for Your New Years Party? Papa Johns Does!

Cooking a big meal, or even prepping a bunch of appetizers, is a lot of work. Rather than slave in the kitchen, enjoy the party and have Papa Johns do the work for you. With a wide selection of pizzas, Papa Johns can impress everyone at your party, including meat lovers, vegetarians, and even vegans.

You can customize your own pizza or make it even easier and choose from one of the many papa’s picks or specialty pizzas. Some popular options include the works, garden fresh, BBQ chicken bacon, fiery buffalo chicken, and extra cheesy alfredo. You can choose the traditional, thin, or stuffed crust. There is even a gluten free option for your guests with wheat sensitivities. When you are ready to order, just search for stuffed crust pizza near me

However, before you place your order, do not forget to add on sides and extra goodies. No party is complete without the addictive jalapeno popper rolls, Tuscan 6-cheese cheesesticks, or the garlic knots. To ramp up the protein options at your New Year’s party, add one of the many flavors of chicken wings or poppers. There are also some delicious desserts your guests can enjoy with the champagne toast.

Less Prep, More Party!

When you order from Papa Johns for your party, not only do you not have to cook, but you also do not need to do much to prep for the event. Plates and napkins are all you really need, and some people would argue that plates are not even necessary.

Clean up is also a breeze. Just put any leftovers (yeah, right!) in the fridge and throw the empty containers in the trash. And if you use paper plates, you will not even have to do dishes. If that is not the way to throw a New Year’s party, we don’t know what is.

Papa Johns for all Your Party Needs

New Years is not the only time to call on Papa Johns for an easy-peasy party. Birthdays, office parties, and graduations are all good reasons. So is a Super Bowl party. Gather your friends for the big game and search football pizza deals for an inexpensive get together.

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