Cheap VPS Hosting India: Save Big and Improve Performance with Serverwala

Whether you are commencing your own online business or running a small e-commerce platform on a budget, web hosting is vital. A reliable web hosting platform enhances your site performance and maximizes business growth and revenue. However, you need to make a smart choice of hosting from a plethora of options. Shared Hosting is the most common hosting type that is best for the business beginner, whereas the management of a Dedicated Server is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, you should choose the Cheap VPS Hosting India from Serverwala that gives you all the high-class resources at an affordable price. With Serverwala’s VPS India you will also get more reliability, customizability, scalability, flexibility, and easy upgrades with the hosting. 

All the mentioned key factors ensure the high performance of your site with the VPS Server. Along with these factors, there are many reasons to choose India VPS Hosting that you’ll get to know later in this post. Let’s get started with the basics!

Basics of VPS Hosting

If you are not a beginner, then you may be aware of the type of web hostings. So, you find lots of options. Among them, VPS Hosting gives you a virtualized hosting environment for website hosting.  You can host small to mid-scale with hundreds of web pages sites on this server. VPS working depends on the Virtualization technology and concept. Further, you will get an excellent user experience in your budget with VPS. However, any user, business person, and individual can use its high level of resources, services, benefits, and features for their site hosting. However, any user, business person, and individual can use its high level of resources, services, benefits, and features for their site hosting. 

In simple terms, VPS Hosting is an advanced version of shared hosting that provides you with reliable services including unlimited bandwidth, Huge storage capacity, High Random Access Memory, and so on at an affordable price. Further, you’ll be given a private web hosting space and dedicated resources that you do not have to share with your neighbouring sites. This ensures high reliability and more data security for your site and its valuable data. 

What will you get with the Cheap VPS Hosting India Plan of Serverwala?

VPS India by Serverwala

Serverwala is a web hosting provider that is popular globally for delivering its high level of services and excellent customer support to potential customers. Even all their plans comprise an exclusive range of services that benefits your business in numerous ways. However, we have enlisted some of the top key factors that you will get with the Cheap VPS Hosting India plans by Serverwala:

#1. Improved Reliability

Best VPS Hosting India gives you the personal web hosting space and dedicated resources that only belongs to you. This ensures high reliability because any mishap with your neighbouring site will not be your concern, nor can it affect your site. 

#2. Dedicated resources

VPS, Virtual Private Server that ensures every potential customer gets its own set of resources that are not being shared with other sites and users in any means. However, you can employ the exclusive benefits of Dedicated resources with VPS Hosting India. 

#3. Increased Performance

If you are using the dedicated resources without any sharing, it automatically results in the increased performance. Whereas you can’t enjoy the level of optimal performance with the Shared Hosting. 

#4. Software Freedom

In the VPS Hosting, you’ll be given software freedom. This means you can install your choice of applications and software on your website with a softaculous one-click installer. 

#5. Root Access

Sometimes you want to make changes on your server very instantly. For that, you need complete root level access that you’ll get with the Cheap VPS Hosting India. So, you can make instant changes and configurations on your server without any expert support. 

#6. Fully Managed Services

Not every user needs to have excellent technical knowledge; however, they want their hosting handled by the web host. For such users, Managed VPS Hosting is available in which all the services and maintenance of the server must be governed by the web host. 

#7. Comprehensive technical support

No doubt whether a business is small or large, it took so much effort and money to start it. But it also happens that not every user can manage it smoothly and efficiently. However, you need a reliable web host Serverwala that provides 24*7 technical and customer support. 

#8. Server Monitoring

To get easy and efficient server monitoring, the VPS Hosting India server gives you the Resource Monitoring Dashboard that you can use to monitor all the activities performed on your server. It includes memory usage, availability of resources, etc. 

#9. Multiple Domain Hosting

If you are a user or business person who wants to run multiple sites on a single server but do not want to make a massive investment in Dedicated Server. Then a VPS Server hosting is the best choice that enables you to host multiple domains on your server. 

#10. Cloud Data Backups

With VPS Hosting India, you get the cloud-powered VPS Server to store the high-quality data of your website. You can retrieve the data whenever you want from any location and system with a good internet connection. 

With such exclusive reasons, no users can deny utilizing the VPS server services at an affordable price. Further, the hosting is categorized into significant parts that described below:

Types of VPS Hosting India

Virtual Private Server is the mid-scale and budget hosting that is the best choice for the users who want to host small to medium scale business websites. It includes personal or blogging sites, small e-commerce or online shopping sites, gaming sites, etc. Further, you can see the categorization on behalf of the operating system:

Windows VPS Hosting India

Windows VPS Hosting India

The VPS Hosting runs on its personal Windows Operating System, known as the Windows VPS Hosting. Windows are popular operating systems that are user friendly. It is a bit expensive, and you need a license to run it. Further, users opt for Windows-based VPS hosting because most of the users have hands-on experience working with Windows. Serverwala’s Windows VPS Hosting India plans start from just $35. 

Linux VPS Hosting India

Linux VPS India Plan

The VPS Hosting that runs on the Linux operating system is known as the Linux VPS Hosting. Linux is an open-source operating system that is free to use. It means users do not require any license to work with the Linux OS. Also, it is more secure and less expensive than Windows VPS Hosting. Serverwala’s Linux VPS Hosting India plans start from just $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS hosting used for?

VPS Hosting is used for the most common purpose of website hosting. The site can be a blogging site, gaming site, online shopping site, small E-commerce site, Applications Hosting site, etc. You can host all these websites on the Virtual Private Server because VPS can handle the moderate traffic on your website. Also, ensure WP Engine Hosting Speed Test and ensure the dedicated resources and high availability of resources that helps in optimizing your website performance and speed.

Which VPS is best? 

When choosing the VPS Hosting types, you have many options like Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Managed VPS, and Unmanaged VPS. It depends on your requirements and budget on which hosting you need to choose. If you do not have budget issues, then a Managed Windows VPS Hosting is the best choice for you, in which you’ll get all the high levels of resources and services at an affordable price. Within your packages, you’ll be given an ample range of services like Customer Support, Money-back guarantees, the highest uptime, more reliability, and so on. 

How does a VPS work?

The working of VPS entirely depends on Virtualization technology. In VPS, a large VPS is broken down into sub-small units or virtual servers. A complete set of reliable web hosting packages is associated with each sub-unit that every individual user can utilize for their websites. In such a process, individuals can enjoy the benefits of independent hosting space, dedicated resources, and services that solely belong to a single user. 

Final Words

If you are looking for affordable web hosting plans, no choice is better than Serverwala’s VPS Hosting India plans. You’ll be given everything you need from the basic to premium and exclusive services in this plan that ensure the optimal hosting environment, high security, increased performance, high speed, and so on. Further, you can also expect high scalability, reliability, customizability, and so on, along with the 24*7 customer support. So, you can enjoy your hosting and keep focusing on planning new strategies for your business growth. 

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