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Malta Citizenship by Investment

Set up at the start of 2014, the Malta Individual Investor Program (PPI) offers wealthy and even very wealthy families and individuals around the world the opportunity to obtain the nationality of a widely recognized European Community country. Malta has been a member state of the European Union since 2004, enjoys a stable political climate, a bipartisan political scene, a thriving economy, and the backing of some of the strongest banks in the world. The PPI Program is the very first citizenship acquisition program of its kind to be recognized by the European Commission; the executive branch of the European Union formally approved the legitimacy of this program, which contributed to its success. The process of registering for the Maltese Citizenship through Investment program is extremely efficient, Once Maltese nationality has been obtained, which also means becoming a European citizen, applicants will have the right to settle in one of the 28 member states of the European Union but also in Switzerland. They also have the opportunity to develop a business on the island of Malta, and obtain a Maltese passport allowing them to travel without a visa. Cheapest citizenship by investment programmes is available on our site, if you want to take benefits from this opportunity than click on the highlighted link and visit our site.

Eligibility for Malta Citizenship Program

An amendment to chapter 188 of the Maltese Nationality Act which was passed in 2013, just like Decree LN47 adopted in 2014, legally grants eligible persons European nationality through investment through the Program for Individual Investors on Malta (PPI). To be eligible for the Maltese Citizenship Grant program, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age and must meet all Maltese immigration criteria as described below.

Eligibility criteria

The Malta Individual Investor Program (PPI) has the world’s highest due diligence standards for foreign investment program to ensure that only deserving and reputable applicants will be granted citizenship Maltese. In accordance with Malta’s citizenship by investment program, a four-part due diligence procedure established by the government itself has been defined in order to inform applicants in detail. Applicants must have a clean criminal record; the Maltese government conducts extensive criminal background checks in collaboration with INTERPOL, the International Criminal Court, and various other intelligence agencies and relevant authorities. In accordance with the due diligence procedure, applicants must also provide a police certificate before their European nationality is validated.

To be in a good health

In order to be admitted to the Malta Investment Program, applicants must prove that they do not suffer from any contagious disease. All applicants must also have international health insurance.

Financial participation

A non-refundable financial contribution is requested from each individual or family who completes an application for the Citizenship by Investment program in Malta, intended for the Social and National Development Fund set up by the Maltese government and managed by a council of ‘administration. The fund, which is at the same level as the Central Bank, finances national projects on the theme of public health, education, job creation, improvement of social conditions and innovation. The financial contributions below must be deposited within four months of the issuance of the Letter of Agreement in Principle for the economic citizenship program:


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