Choosing Bathing Suit Bottoms That Will Pamper Your Booty This Summer

Buying perfect womens’ bathing suit bottoms is just as fun as buying a whole bikini set. However, it is always better to do it with a few tips and tricks. After all, as the summer season is approaching, most of you would love to flaunt your curves around the beach while feeling comfortable and chic at the same time. 

Even buying decent swimwear is much more than choosing something simple and plain. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to shop for more of those sequins, frills, ruffles, or even worse, like a skort. Fashion experts have to say that those pleats or ruffles just go to the excessive side, which is assured to add 10 years to your actual age. At least, that is something going to happen for sure when you are choosing a palm tree printed one piece that just doesn’t soothe everyone’s eyes out there. 

As we enter the fifth decade of fashion, fabric, fit, and quality are key factors. Therefore, it is better to buy from a one-stop site from all those wide collections of own brand womens’ swim bottoms. Yes, you head it right! We are talking about shopping from a fitness apparel brand that offers the most selective tops and bottoms. 

womens' bathing suit bottoms

For instance, very rare brands offer bathing suit tops and adjustable bikini bottoms with a fourfold stretch fabric. Well, this is something popular that is trending amongst the beach ladies for maximum comfort. The stretch quality provides freedom of movement, breathability and fits every body type evenly. Now is when all the women out there need to know that their body type is unique and holds a different shaped tush and silhouette. Some are flat, some are thick, and some are in between, which is why choosing high-waisted bathing suit bottoms that flatter your fanny curves has become quite important. 

To begin with, it is always a perfect idea to understand your booty shape. Normally, the shapes are: 

  • Heart or A-shape where the lower part below the hips is wider. Experts also call it pear-shaped. 
  • The Round booty shape is more plump and full in more of a round shape. 
  • V-Shape is the booty shape that is quite common among women with narrow hips and broad shoulders. 
  • The Square booty shape lines the outer thighs and hip bone that runs straight to the ground. 
  • Reverse Heart is the booty shape where the bottom is quite heavier around the cheeks. 

Now, let’s get into more details about what swim bottoms would suit these different booty shapes. 

A or Heart-Shaped 

These types of booties commonly rest on fuller thighs. The most comfortable and flattering bottoms for this booty shape would be boyshorts, bikinis, or tangas. The pro trick to stick to here is always buying bottoms with a larger leg opening and high cut. 

On top of this, it is always the right thing to stick with shopping fabrics that offer some stretch, even with all those laces or laser cuts. Yes, we totally meant that the edges should be seamless enough. Normally, women with A-shaped booty should not mix and match styles crafted with the finest elastic edges as they feel strangely uncomfortable and binding the whole time. Chances are you may end up having rashes or irritations around the bikini line, which is probably not something you would expect to happen during the beach season.


Thick ladies with round booty shape will certainly need a cheeky pair of women’s bathing suit bottoms. But, if you think about why this has to be this way, let us tell you that it nimbly equates that extra bit of fabric. If your bottoms do not have that extra bit of fabric, you may find yourself struggling with lowering the waistband, bottoms shifting behind, or it can even lead to a whole wedgie mishap at the front. 

To contour the buttocks, especially if you have got a round-shaped booty, try wearing a thick thong or tanga for more of a skimpy outlook. If you prefer to stay more on the coverage and modest side, boy shorts and briefs will work great as well. Well, this may sound a bit weird, but it actually turns out to be good enough. As mentioned earlier, finding a swimwear bottom crafted in a 4-way stretch fabric with maximum coverage and comfort could be the perfect option. 

Ultimately, when it comes to looking stylish, round booty ladies always need to appreciate bikini bottoms with multiway side ties. It helps with settling down the bottom according to the hips’ width and hides the indentations around the tight areas. 


The biggest drawback of having a V-shaped booty is that the saggy and droopy fat is always lying around the cheeks area. Even so, there’s a special bottom for all those ladies. Yes, we meant that you can combat this drawback and create a flattering look with women’s swim bottoms with grazing leg opening. Else, you can go with hipsters, tanbabe bottoms, low-cute edgy bottoms as well to receive the appropriate coverage for your cheeks. 


Well, this booty shape has been one of the sugary shapes. Thongs, tangas, boyshorts, or Bohobabe bottoms complement this booty shape in the best manner. Fashion experts always suggest avoiding styles that ride high on the thighs as it can lead to a wedgie malfunction. Bottoms with an elastic edge leg hole are also a strict no-no for square-shaped booties. They actually appear awkward! 

Reverse Heart-Shaped 

For lovely ladies with this particular booty shape, minimal to medium coverage is suggested as the right trick. More often than not, choosing womens’ high-waisted bathing suit bottoms or one with a wider waistline is the most appropriate style. If you are not a huge fan of this, you can go with bottoms that lower cut leg openings or rounded hemlines to uplift your booty. 

Apart from this, hipster style and boy shorts with seamless edges are considered highly ideal for reverse heart shape booty. If you find your actual size giving you any creases, then it is wiser to go one size up. 

Now, when you have all the right tips for your particular booty style, don’t let yourself be confused with the time-consuming and frustrating search. You are all set to pick a pair of swim bottoms that will leave you feeling sexy and confident. 


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