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Choosing the right craftsman to renovate your bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, it is better to call on a professional and qualified craftsman. In this way, you will obtain a perfect result and the assurance of being able to recall it if necessary. Choose your craftsman and have the price of renovating your bathroom estimated .

Priority no. 1: plan technical work

Before thinking about the decoration , the accessories or the type of lighting in your bathroom, think about the technical work. Of course, depending on the type of work to be done (plumbing, electricity, tiling, etc.), the craftsman will not be the same.

Bathroom renovation: putting plumbing before other renovations

As the name suggests, the plumber takes care of all the plumbing work needed to redo your unique bathroom vanities. In other words, it is he who takes care of redoing/installing a bathtub, a shower, a sink, a toilet unit, in short everything related to the piping. It is essential to put plumbing work before any other . Otherwise, you may have to break walls, move wires or damage your pretty decoration.

Redo the electrical installation of your bathroom

Whether it’s installing new electrical outlets or just installing light fixtures, it’s imperative that you hire a professional electrician for these bathroom jobs. Electrical work generally affects the conduits of your power supply:

  • Addition of switches;
  • Installation of electrical outlets;
  • Setting up new threads…

For your safety and the assurance of a finished job, it is better not to have fun doing it alone.

Good to know: for all your bathroom work concerning the heating towel with 800mm Wide Towel Radiator and hot water supply of your room, go directly to our website. IZI by EDF allows you to create your own bathroom renovation quote online. Please note that all our rates are firm, final and at the market price.

Renovate your bathroom floor

Redoing your bathroom often includes redesigning the floor and the walls, in order to give it a real facelift. For laying tiling , parquet or PVC flooring , you must contact:

  • A mason;
  • A tiler;
  • Or to a professional carpenter.

Note that a mason can also take care of the installation of wall tiles. Once again, it is better to have the extent of the work required assessed by obtaining an estimate . So you can set a budget in advance and avoid salty surprises.

Repaint your bathroom

Even if you are a good handyman and the task seems easy to you, calling on a specialized company for your painting work is preferable. A professional craftsman and his know-how allow you to benefit from more durable and professional work . With this in mind, our bathroom renovation quotes are ideal for giving you an estimate of the work to be done, at stable prices.

Renovation of the design and aesthetics of its bathroom

To redo your bathroom from an aesthetic point of view , you contact an interior designer or a decorator. Indeed, they are the ones who advise you best on:

  • The type of furniture;
  • The materials to choose;
  • The decoration that best suits your floor covering;
  • Or the best arrangement for your bathroom.

Massive bath or walk-in shower  ? Bay window or sliding door? Tile or earthenware? 

Priority n°2: find the right craftsman to carry out this work

You are well informed. Now it’s time to get down to business and get started on your bathroom vanity store jobs. With this in mind, you can contact IZI by EDF to obtain a bathroom renovation quote .

Are you renovating your bathroom? So, let yourself be guided! And for any questions of course, IZI by EDF is always there, comment on this article with your questions and your ideas!

How to find professionals for your serious bathroom?

Guarantees and insurance

First of all, you must make sure that the professionals have the necessary insurance for the bathroom work and especially the ten-year guarantee, which guarantees the repair of any damage that may appear after the work.

Company background

Second, check the company’s background. We have all heard of businesses that close and then reopen without knowing why! A short visit to societe.com is enough to be reassured about the solidity of the company. Do not hesitate to ask for two or three references to ensure the reliability of the company.

Undeclared work

Thirdly and lastly, however serious they may be, I strongly advise against using undeclared workers. If in general I advise against it, it is even more to be avoided in bathroom work.

In fact, in the event of a problem after the work, your insurance will ensure that the work has been carried out by professionals before compensating you. If your poorly installed shower falls on your neighbor or damages your building, everything can be your responsibility, so avoid it from the start.

How do you make sure your bathroom quote is right?

Every detail counts. To be confident about the quote defined by your craftsman, make sure that each lot is detailed: electricity, plumbing, flooring, wall, toilet, shower… Of course, avoid block quotes with only “Bathroom renovation” ” and the price. This is the best way for you not to have the desired result.

Quote comparison

Beware of too large price differences.

You compare quotes and a quote stands out with a more than attractive price? So be careful. A price that is too low will necessarily hide screws:

  • Poor product quality;
  • Poor monitoring of DTU (Unified Technical Documents);
  • Site finishes
  • Compare what is comparable. We tend to consider only the price when comparing several quotes. Be careful to compare the services provided. Ask yourself the following questions: Does the least expensive professional provide the materials? Does it apply 2 coats of paint well? Does it provide the same guarantees in the event of a problem? Indeed, the quality of the service has its advantage over the price.

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