Claim Justice Review – What Should You Do After Getting Scammed?

Claim Justice Review

When you fail to recover your amount from scammers and cannot think of ways to reach them, you must consider contacting Claim Justice for your help. It is a reliable company with a high success rate to bring positive outcomes for your cases by recovering amounts from fraudulent firms. In this Claim Justice review, you will get an insight into why to choose them and how they work to resolve your case.

Who Is Claim Justice?

Claim Justice is a company located in Carlebach 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. It is regulated and operated under the rules and regulations directed by BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED. They have regional offices in  Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. You can contact them from Monday to Friday between 8:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT and Sunday between 8:00-14:00 GMT. They do not work on Saturday.

Although Claim Justice has spread its offices to many countries, they provide online access to people around the world. Anyone can contact them by filling a form on their website. The team will contact you and ask you for details about your case. Then you are contacted to meet the consultant available at the platform. Don’t worry about the consultation fees, as Claim Justice offers free consultation services. They do not charge for resolving the case; instead, they charge a commission on your amount recovered from the scammers. This commission is decided by mutual agreement of both the parties at the time of starting the case.

What Does Claim Justice Do?

Claim Justice was founded by financial experts to help online traders recover the amount they have lost to scam investment companies or brokerages. Victims hand over their cases to experts working at Claim Justice. Then the experts build and file the case against the fraudulent party to recover the amount from them. The experts take help from banking channels and other people to recover the amount from the scammers.

How Do Claim Justice Work?

There are different types of stock broker fraud and you need to avoid them. But if you become a victim, you are required to contact a money recovery agency like Claim Justice to get their help. The experts at Claim Justice have a 99% success ratio. Do you know how they are able to achieve it? Let us tell you the secret behind their success.

The experts at Claim Justice have vast experience in resolving such cases. Over the years, they have built a step-by-step guideline for themselves that helps them achieve success in resolving the issues. We will learn about each step and its significance in resolving the case.

Case evaluation and acceptance

The experts do not accept any case without a primitive assessment. They listen to victims’ stories and take an idea about scammers’ networks before they pass a green signal to clients.

Gather the proofs

Claim Justice teamwork on a strategy and gathering solid proof is one the most crucial step. They ask clients to share proofs for transactions and any email or contact details as evidence to build the case. They also run their procedures to gather evidence against the scammers.

Build the case

Claim Justice build a case using international banking and cybercrime laws. They attach all the shreds of evidence and perform legal paperwork before they contact the scammers. They locate their location, so scammers do not get an option to run away from the case proceedings.

Confrontation to scammers

With all the evidence and documented papers about the case, Claim Justice confronts scammers. They keep a firm stance that scammers have to summit and return the amount claimed by the victims or experts at Claim Justice to expose their identity to get them behind bars.

Return the amount to the victims

Once the scammer returns the amount, Claim Justice transfers it to the victim’s account without causing any delay. The clients pay the case fees to Claim Justice, and the case closes successfully.


Claim Justice is led by a team of experts that have designed a workable strategy to recover amounts from fraudulent investing companies and brokers. They recover amounts and deliver them back to their rightful owners.

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