Comparison Between Electric Bicycle And Electric Moped

When choosing between an electric bicycle or an electric moped, it must be taken into account that electric mopeds differ from electric bicycles. Electric bicycles are for short distances, they do not require insurance or a driving license, while mopeds are motorized vehicles for all purposes, so to ride they require a license and insurance.

Electric bicycle or electric moped

When it comes to electric moped and ebike sales, and choosing between these two transport options which of the two is better, it is simply a matter of establishing the characteristics of each option and the different needs of each user.

Regarding traffic rules and regulations, an electric bicycle must meet some requirements, which however may vary from one country to another:

They can’t have a throttle.

Electric bike pedal assist: the motor only activates when pedalling, with assistance below 25 km/h. Therefore, the motor must be switched off when you stop pedaling or when you exceed 25 km/h.

Maximum motor power 250 W nominal.

Maximum weight 40 kg.

In case of failing to comply with any of these parameters, such as having greater power or assisting pedaling when developing speeds greater than 25 km/h, then it is legally considered a moped.

An important factor in riding a bicycle is that the user of an electric bicycle does not need to register their vehicle or have a driver’s license or civil liability insurance. The case is different when dealing with mopeds since they do require registration and must also have an official driving license and insurance.

On the other hand, while an electric bicycle can be driven on cycle paths and exclusive bicycle lanes without much problem, mopeds must be outside of them.

For ecological purposes, there are no notable differences between mopeds and electric bicycles as long as the battery is one of the most modern, which is Lithium Ion. Both are recharged simply by plugging them into a conventional outlet.

Among the most modern and innovative models of electric bicycles, there are some in which it is very difficult to identify whether they are electric or conventional due to the discreet nature of the devices. Electric bicycles are manufactured in various models, in addition to the fact that there are also equipment on the market to convert to electric bike. There are also some folding models on the market.

Certain models of electric bicycles have the appearance of scooters or small motorcycles, with typical scooter features such as plastic or metal fairing, lighting system, gauges, brake lights, or speedometers. However, legally they fall within the category of electric bicycles.

The models of electric mopeds are very diverse; some are scooter types very similar to conventional motorcycles, while others look like electric bicycles, to the point that it can be difficult to distinguish them because they have a very similar appearance.

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