Concealed Carry in Florida: Is It Legal?

Many across the country believe that gun ownership is under threat by current legislation. As a responsible gun owner, it is important to understand what your rights are and what you’re able to do under the law.

If you live in Sunshine State or are planning on moving there, you might be curious as to what the laws are regarding concealed carry in Florida. Is a gun owner allowed to conceal carry, and what is the process of obtaining this right if so?

There’s a lot to understand about conceal carry laws within the state. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Concealed Carry in Florida

Florida is known for generally being more relaxed when it comes to many laws. Many residents of Florida believe in smaller government and less regulation. This remains true when it comes to the subject of firearm ownership.

Florida is a shall-issue state. That means that licenses for concealed weapons are issued at the state level. The department within the state that handles these kinds of requests is the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Anyone who successfully applies for and receives a concealed weapon license (often abbreviated as a CWL) can carry a concealed weapon in the state. Non-residents who have a permit from another state that Florida recognizes can also carry.

Florida has reciprocity agreements with a number of states. Residents of these states with a proper license can continue to practice concealed carry when in the state, and Florida residents can continue when they visit these other states.

You can see a list of these states at

While concealed carry may be legal in Florida, open carry is not under most circumstances. The only instances in which open carry is permitted in Florida are while hunting, camping, or spending time in an indoor gun range.

Applying for a CWL

Who can apply? Applicants must be age 21 or older, people under this age cannot apply for a concealed carry license. The exception to this law is if the person in question is a veteran of the military or is currently on active duty.

A person applying for a concealed weapon license must have completed a certified firearms training course.

Even with this license in hand, there are a number of places where concealed carry is not permitted. These include polling places, school buildings, airports, police stations, and a number of other locations one might want to get familiar with.

Is Concealed Carry Legal in Florida?

If you’re planning on living as a responsible gun owner in the state of Florida, you’ll want to get familiar with the concept of concealed carry. Is concealed carry in Florida legal? The above information outlines where it is permitted and who can apply.

Have more legal questions about gun ownership or living in the state of Florida? Keep scrolling our blog for more information.

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