Cosmolle Underwear to Help you start new season

A new year just started and we are slowly but surely starting to leave all the changes, some good and some bad, that the pandemic brought to our lives. And still, a new year is always a new opportunity for everyone to start new and make some changes. 

You can call every new change you made in your life a new season, why not? If you for example decided to lose some weight and start a healthier lifestyle, this new season can bring some changes in your wardrobe as some of the clothes you used to have might not fit you anymore (too big) and you’ll need new ones. 

And it’s not only the clothes you wear and shows the world that needs changing, so do your bras and underwear. Especially your bras, as your chest area tends to get smaller when you lose weight and you’ll definitively end up having a huge discomfort feeling. 

As women, we tend to forget that in some aspects like getting a bra, it is important to get a proper bra fitting, as choosing the wrong size will make us feel uncomfortable during the day or the time that we wear them. No matter what type of bra we are choosing. The wrong size will never be beneficial for you.

To the point that you will just wait till the end of the day to get home and remove it, right? I know most of us still do this. But if you want to avoid this and want to wear the most comfortable wireless bra, that feels like you are wearing a cloud, while still supporting your chest area, why don’t you check Cosmolle’s underwear? 

With their big range of bra types and colors, as well as comfortable underwear for women, they are a brand that wants to redefine what intimates are. They believe women shouldn’t compromise their comfort in order to look and feel pretty and they also believe that our underwear and bras should be comfortable. 

When you wear them, you’ll feel like you are wearing a cloud and you’ll know they are that good when you forget that you’re actually wearing them. Yes! They are that comfortable. The bras specifically will give you smoother sides and those so call panty and bra lines will be invisible. Achieving this is possible because of the 3D printing technology used to make them. 

And for me, one of the best things they have to offer with comfortable underwear for women is the added skincare. Yes, their underwear and bras are infused with collagen, which will be a great benefit for the skin in that area if you are not taking care of it. It will keep your skin hydrated, improve its elasticity and it will reduce the age signs that might be there already. 


If that isn’t enough for you, they are made with recycled materials that make the brand sustainable and eco-friendly too, which is amazing, because as well as we need to take care of our bodies and enjoy the skincare and comfort, we need to take care of the world we live in. 

As you can see, the brand doesn’t only provide you with underwear that you can wear as part of your outfits, and are comfortable and provides extra benefits for you and your skin, it also takes care of our planet. And not only that, they have a range of activewear too, if you want to practice yoga or workout with clothes that are as comfortable as underwear. 

Not many brands offer their clients or customers all of these benefits and the possibility to be able to feel good inside and out but also look good too. 


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