Creating New Custom Mailer Boxes

Given the potentially powerful influence of custom mailer boxes on consumer behavior, brand and marketing managers are now looking beyond the traditional communication tools of advertising and promotion. They have shifted their focus towards customized packaging boxes to keep their brands fresh, contemporary, and popular. Three factors must be considered to increase the on-shelf impact and appeal through wholesale mailer boxes. The factors are; brand identification, and package comprehension.

Brand Identification

Brand identification refers to the consumer’s ability to recognize and uniquely identify the custom mailer boxes belonging to a particular brand. Specific characteristics of a mailer box, such as the brand name, its logo, color, package shape, typestyle, and graphics, may be used for identification. For instance, the curved shape of a Coke bottle and the pink color of Corning fiberglass are unique and familiar brand cues for most consumers.

When changing a product’s package, never forget to retain those elements your current customers use for brand identification. If these elements are modified, your clients and consumers will have difficulty locating your brand, ultimately reducing the probability of purchase. For example, a significant shampoo manufacturer changed the distinctive curved shape of its brand’s bottle to a rounded rectangle to improve shipping, handling, and stocking efficiencies. As a consequence, their sales dropped significantly. The brand confused its existing consumers, turning a routine purchase into an extensive search process that increased brand switching levels and chances.

If a brand is new and unfamiliar to consumers or has a minimal share, the manufacturer is not constrained by the previous look of the wholesale mailer. Yet brand identification is still an issue. One approach is to select a unique and memorable brand name and customized packaging design that will serve as the base for building a distinctive brand image through advertising and promotion. An alternative strategy is to copy the salient elements of the leading brand’s packaging design. While this is a powerful method for gaining notice and consideration, it can also lead to brand confusion and litigation.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes’ comprehension

Package comprehension refers to the meaning that the mailer boxes convey to the consumer. A packaging box communicates through explicit claims and illustrations that describe a product’s attributes, benefits, ingredients, and promotional offers. It also communicates implicitly by triggering associations in consumer memory. The Packaging Republic believes that the package’s visual, verbal, and tactile elements (such as the brand name and logo, package size, shape, color, texture, and graphics) can bring to mind images of product quality, performance characteristics, usage situations, and past consumption experiences. Consumers’ mental associations result from distinctive personal experiences and the past marketing activities (including advertising and promotion) of the product’s manufacturer and its competitors. Over the years, category-specific packaging norms develop. Read more the UK times.

For example, in bar soap, the color pink has come to mean that a product has cosmetic benefits. The green color suggests deodorizing qualities. As far as liquid soap is concerned, an orange-pink color communicates antibacterial properties. Yellow indicates a lemon scent in dishwashing liquid. Green symbolizes gentleness, and blue conveys grease-cutting benefits. When designing a new packaging box, a manufacturer or seller can borrow from the visual conventions established by existing brands in the category. For example, a new dishwashing liquid can use a green box to communicate gentleness. This approach reassures the consumers by fulfilling expectations of what a particular brand in the category must look like, thus providing a measure of legitimacy and credibility.


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