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Dating sites or real life?

Modern online technologies provide a huge selection of partner options. We have, as they say, run up eyes. Many people want to get dating with tall girl, this is no longer a problem, everything can be specified in profiles and search fields. Seeing so many people who want to get acquainted, interest in one partner may not arise. In addition, we may begin to feel fear that we will miss out on our ideal partner if we stop. And we continue to flip through the photos of thousands of people, hoping to understand everything at a glance at the photo.

How to move from the Internet to real communication

Many members of dating blog sites immediately offer to exchange phone numbers – if you liked each other during the first correspondence by correspondence. Whether to take this step or not is a difficult question. On the one hand, hearing a person’s voice, his manner of speaking, etc., will make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth continuing to communicate. On the other hand, by giving out your phone number, you run the risk of getting yourself into all sorts of problems in the future. Who knows how your communication will develop in the future? And if the person turns out to be not quite adequate and will constantly call you. How to get rid of such an interlocutor?

In this case, you can suggest that you first continue communication on social networks. So you will have the opportunity to get to know your counterpart better by reading the entries in his account. Even better is video communication: this way you maintain some anonymity, and, at the same time, you have visual contact with the interlocutor. And this, first of all, is an opportunity to find out if a person has posted their photos on the site, before you meet him in real life, on GoDateNow the profiles are carefully moderated.

Have you decided to make an appointment in real life?

Well, then do not set yourself up for the fact that a prince on a white horse will come to you (for girls) or Miss Universe will come (for men), so as not to be immediately disappointed from the meeting. Do not forget that we are all ordinary people who are trying to show their best side on a dating site. In life, it is almost impossible to present yourself exclusively from advantageous positions. Therefore, be indulgent – remember that everyone has flaws, including you.

And one more thing: if you decide to meet in real life, then go to the end. You should not peep from the corner behind the one who came to you on a date, and then, if he or she did not like you, run away. It gives you no credit. And returning to what was said above – someone may not like you either, and the person will do the same to you. Will you be pleased? In a word, if you decide on such an adventure as online dating, it’s too late to hide in the bushes.

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