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Design Your Living Room With 9 Fireplace

An electric fireplace with a white mantel is an independent electric fireplace with a shelf that is generally positioned against a wall or even at the corner.

This makes it easy, with minimum installation, to create a lovely fireplace in nearly every space.

White shelves are a popular color choice since they match most home color schemes.

The white is clean and attractive and serves as a wonderful focal point.

There are numerous types and patterns for coats and we have underlined the finest electric fireplaces of the white coat below.

1. Calvert Electric Fireplace Liner Southern Enterprises

Calvert Electric Fireplace Liner Southern Enterprises

A classic fireplace with fluted columns, and floral enhancements, is Southern Enterprises’ Calvert White Electric Fireplace.

There are two different colors: ivory and espresso. The coat can hold up to 45 livres, with a height of 44.5 W x 14.5 D x 40.25.

Features include multicolor LED flames, remotely adjustable flame speeds, brightness, and temperature registration. Also incorporated are a customizable timer and automatic overheating prevention.

We like the fireplace in the Calvert white mantel. You may therefore acquire a well-designed classic fireplace coat at a reasonable cost, with a strong feature.

2. White Electric Fireplace With Shelf

A standard for all-electric fires is perhaps the Artemis White Electric Fireplace. The height x 15 meters depth measures 52′′ x 43′′.

This is an electric fireplace of top quality and includes a price tag to store it. This is the spot if you want the finest.

Between this premium fireplace and the others on these lists are some notable variances.

First of all, the technology behind it is different. HD and holographic glass are used by Artemis to portray a fire and its effects.

The logs seem burning as a consequence, while other cheaper devices appear to be blazing behind the logs.

The latter is sound. It’s not a true fire; it’s a true fire that has sound.

The Artemis adds cracks and pops of real fire logs to make it more realistic with built-in speakers.

The third difference is material and manufacturing, whereas the majority are produced by Chinese producers.

The Artemis is built of actual wood, which is cheaper to utilize by competitors.

Of course, all these features add a penny to the cost of the Artemis.

Nevertheless, Artemis is for you if you want a fireplace of the latest quality and don’t want to lose realism, quality, and characteristics.

3. Electric Fireplace Real Flame White Chateau

Another magnificent chimney produced by the real flame, which measures 40.9″ x 11.8″ deep x 36.6″ high, was the white electric chimney Château.

The chateau offers a set of features, including remote control, a display set, a programmed thermostat, a timer function, and a brightness setting like its bigger cousin, Ashley.

The castle is a smaller alternative with a modern appearance and a solid collection of features.

4. Surrounding Electric Fireplace

The white electric fireplace Jamfly is a modern device with a height of 43.4″ width x 39.56″ and a deep 13.6.”

It can, nonetheless, also be made available in 3 sizes and 5 colors: white, black, and brown.

Three flame luminosity modes and remote control with 2 heat settings.

There is no thermostat, though, so the temperature cannot be set. It consists of robust material and has a one-year warranty for free substitutes.

The Jamfly is an excellent choice as an electric fireplace for white mantels with a range of basic functions, a modern style, and strong construction.

5. Electric Fireplace Mantel With 7 Tail Lights

Electric Fireplace Mantel With 7 Tail Lights

White Shell Electric Fireplace’ is a colorful, modern, 47.24″ wide x 11.4 “depth x 29.17” high fireplace.

The LED backlight, which is possible in 7 colors, is probably its only feature.

With the provided remote control, the backlights can be regulated. The temperature, timing, and luminosity sets are also customizable.

Look no farther than this White Shelf Electric Fireplace if you’re searching for an electric fireplace that will bring some fun and color to your decor.

6. Electric Mantle Fireplace Southern Enterprises Sicilian Harvest

White Electric Fireplace is very much like its Calvert cousin and has a different design. Sicilian Harvest is a very similar product. It measures 44.75 “wide x 14” depth x 40.25 “high in the same measurements.

It also has a remote control, thermostat controllability, timer, record, and brightness of the flame.

When the appropriate temperature is reached, the heater controls itself and shuts down.

It’s worth a lot like the Calvert. Robust feature with a new design at a cheap price.

7. Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace

A basic, modern fireplace that takes 47.4 measures The Real Flame Crawford White Mantel Electric Fireplace “Wide x 8.6 inches broad x 41.6 inches wide.

The Crawford Fireplace’s unique trait is that it’s great. Although the Crawford is usually 13″ to 16″ deep other coats, Crawford is just 9.5” “Deep.

In other words, less room is needed and less room is needed, ideally for smaller rooms or smaller regions.

This means, however, that the fireplace must be attached to a wall in order to avoid it being overturned.

The chimney is wood and MDF furnace. It contains a remote control and features a programmable thermostat, time, and luminosity configuration.

8. Ashley White Fireplace Cladding Real Fireplace

A gorgeous modern pillar fireplace that spans 48 “wide x 13.8” depth x 41.25 “High, Real Flame Ashley electric fireplace

It features a comprehensive set of functions including remote control, display kit, programmable thermostat, timed feature, brightness, and dynamic ember effects.

The Real Flame Ashley is a beautiful and lifelong piece of artwork. An excellent option for people with slightly higher budgets.

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