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It is always said that diamond jewelry is an eternal accessory. By the way, this has a reason. Diamonds are gems whose durability has no limits. Just think that it is one of the oldest minerals that exist on our planet. In all cases, diamonds serve their purpose of giving shine! For example, a beautiful piece of diamonds through shay jewelry evokes the splendor of the royal courts.All the diadems and crowns that queens and princesses wear have diamonds of large proportions in most cases.-. This leads us to think that diamond jewelry costs a fortune. But times have changed and today we have access to diamond jewelry at different prices.

You will ask how it is possible. The answer is very simple: diamonds show a great diversity of quality, which means that a beautiful diamond, that does not meet certain requirements of perfection, is much cheaper than we might think. Another trick is when several Diamonds of small proportions are set in groups creating dazzling rosettes that give us beautiful sparkles. Several small diamonds can be much more affordable than a single large diamond.

On the other hand, a set with diamonds, such as a pair of earrings matching a necklace, provides a sumptuousness that will make the experience unforgettable. The pendant, a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, is an accessory that helps to give a great class to our outfit. It can be perfectly worn with jeans, tops, and blazers and gives a touch of elegance.

Stylabs Jewelry Brand 

Stylabs jewelry offers you an extensive range of high-value gemstones: our variety is our hallmark. We are specialists in lab grown diamonds in unique colors and only here you will find a selection of unmatched gems.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost precision at our factory in Singapore. As a Stylabs customer, you can enjoy these advantages: a huge variety of diamonds at very affordable prices. Our gemstones are selected and made into unique jewelry by experts in this sector.

Stylabs jewelry not only stands out for its quality but also for its price. Stylabs jewelry follows a working model in which all stages, from research to jewelry marketing, are supervised by our experts. In order to offer our very low prices, we have our own team of gemstone designers and jewelers. Thanks to this, we can do without intermediaries and we guarantee the best price.

Stylabs jewelry obtains its gemstones only from safe sources and strongly opposes illegally sourced gemstones. In a certificate of authenticity, we guarantee the origin of each gemstone. This way, customers can be sure that their gemstone does not finance wars or support terrorism. In the case of diamonds, this is possible thanks to the United Nations and the Kimberley Process.

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