Different Types Of Classroom Setups You Need To Know

Classroom setup plays a dynamic role in determining the shape and strengthens the child’s overall learning results. It is effortless and straightforward to understand why classroom setups are essential. Suppose teachers opted for different methods to make you know the various concepts; it is as same as that for other classes. There are different types of patterns, of course. For example, if there are group presentations, it is more likely that students’ tables are merged as one so that they can get the best output and understand and discuss each other better. However, online teaching platforms also need these kinds of setups, and they have different advanced software like ERP for schools, LMS, and more to manage all the requirements. So this article will discuss different classroom setups and how they are arranged to get the best output. 

Know About Different Types Of Classroom Setup

Traditional /Row /Column Classroom Setup

  1. In this type of pattern, teachers come in the front, and every individual could get focused on the teachers.
  2. That usually works based on when you are teaching or having test paper as in this type of arrangement child could not see other things and only focused on their paper.
  3. These sitting arrangements give productivity as every individual focuses only on their papers and can’t get distracted by that.

Clusters Classroom Setup

  1. Arranging the desks around a small group and clusters the child and make them sit like the group.
  2. It is said to be the best arrangement for the classroom as it enhances teamwork and cooperation and promotes thinking skills.

 Horseshoe Classroom Setup 

  1. In this type of setup, usually, the classroom setup is according to the small group, and teachers adopt this pattern to increase the discussion of some problems or topics. Like you can give topic respirations and let them discuss the topic and give you details analysis in different groups.
  2. A horseshoe classroom setup is the best way to make the best format where the whole class can be involved in the classroom.

Combination Classroom Setup 

  1. In this type of setup, children are made to sit in the group and some to the individual as required.
  2. Suppose a child who always keeps quiet or shy can be placed in a group of two through which they can learn to stand and build their self-confidence, whereas one can put the individual child in the group where they can learn to give a presentation in the group.

Circle or O-shaped Classroom Setup

  1. It is usually a closed dimensions setup of a classroom.
  2. The O-shaped classroom setup is generally seen during the science presentation or when the child has to perform in the middle. The other scenario is where teachers must demonstrate the experiment in the classroom.
  3. This setup is best for the classroom discussion; it helps the children ace each other and can make the discussion.

Online Classroom Setup

  1. This classroom is more colorful and more creative for the students.
  2. The online classroom setup includes free space where the child can quickly expand and discuss; there are proper places to stand, sit, collaborate, and enjoy ideas and creativity.
  3. Online classrooms are equipped with different kinds of software and features that make work easier for students and educators; like ERP for schools, the software helps the educator to manage the day-to-day activities of the school in an organized way without any disturbance or hassle.

Standing Classroom Setup 

  1. A standing classroom setup is a new type of sitting arrangement where the child can enjoy the classroom while standing and have standing desks.
  2. Children can enjoy drawing and graphics classes like this and enjoy the style of imparting education or learning by their educators.

Two-Row Classroom Setup

  • In this type of setup, you must be familiar.
  • Where a child can have seat partners, I am sure you must have this kind of seating arrangement in your school furniture
  • This setup is mandated to be the best as it includes teaching activities, learning patterns, and discussions.

Two Circles Classroom Setup

  1. There are two semi-circles in the classroom; this is a kind of open geometry, and students can enjoy this setup .by fully involved in the discussion.

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