Digital Discount Coupons: Pros And Cons

It is undeniable: those who buy online are as if they always wanted to make a 'bargain'

In fact, most users are very careful in comparing the price of the product they want to buy on an online shop with the price of the same item sold in a physical store, or on another e-commerce site. One of the reasons why users choose to shop online is precisely because they want to buy a product by paying less for it, compared to what they would pay if they bought it elsewhere.

Obviously, it is not a good strategy to always make discounts and sales on the entire online shop; therefore, you have to find the right compromise, use a means that allows you to receive a discount but only when the user has already entered the products in the cart and is ready to make the purchase , that is a digital voucher .

But What Is A Digital Discount Coupon?

The digital beerwulf discount code (or code) is a promotional tool through which you have access to an exclusive discount or offer.

Why does a brand or a company decide to give a gift to a user by giving him a digital discount coupon?

Because it is a tool for closing the sale, as it works and can only be applied if the user makes the purchase.

What Are the Digital Discount Coupons That an Online Shop Should Create?

Obviously there is no winning formula that applies to everyone, for each brand or sector you have to select what is most suitable; generally, the most common types of discount coupons are the following:

1) Discount coupon with promotional code

It is easy both to create and to use, since it is a series of letters and numbers to be entered just when the user arrives at the final step, that is, at the closing of the order. The best thing to do is always give some logic to this type of discount coupon, such as a limited duration and ensure that the user can use it only once.

2) Discount coupon generated by the app

These are discount vouchers that can only be used by the user who has downloaded the brand app, as it is through the app that the potential customer receives the discount codes.

3) Downloadable discount coupon

These are vouchers that everyone can download, generally from the company website or even through the use of other platforms.

4) Automatic discount coupon

This type of discount coupon is used to avoid cart abandonment; in fact, it is applied directly when the user arrives at the final step, that is to pay, where he is given this discount even though he has not entered any code.

Needless to say, it is not enough to create a discount coupon and think that users are able to find it for themselves, and delude themselves to increase the conversions of the online shop in this way. Like all tools, getting discount vouchers also need a strategy to ensure that they can achieve the goal for which they were created. Above all, you have to choose which means to use to communicate the existence of the discount voucher.

The Discount Coupon Can Be Communicated Via:

– Email marketing

E-mail marketing is a very important tool to increase sales, as they allow you to address the individual user and push him to take the action that the company wants. Giving a discount coupon by sending an e-mail is always a good choice, as the user will feel important for having received this gift and will be led to use it.

– Social network

It is possible to create discounts directly on company social channels, for example Facebook provides the opportunity to create a discount that can then be used on the brand’s online shop.

– Social o Google Ads

Obviously, promoting the promo code through paid advertising on the web is always a good choice: it is the best way to stand out and get noticed.

– Company website

On the brand’s website, an advertisement can be displayed indicating the possibility of downloading the discount coupon to be used at the time of purchase.

– Influence

On social networks we see many influencers who give discount coupons for the purchase of certain products; deciding to rely on an influencer is, generally, an excellent idea but you must always be careful to choose the right person to represent the brand, so that he is credible when he gives the discount coupon to his followers.

So far we can say that discount code have only positive sides and that their strength lies in the rewarding feeling that customers experience, who feel they have made a bargain having bought the product they want using the discount.

However, like all things, even discount coupons have negative sides and you must always pay them carefully, so that this excellent means does not turn against the brand.

The excessive use of discount coupons, in fact, can lead users to postpone the purchase, since they know that if they do not use this discount at the first opportunity they will receive another one, so they will never be afraid of losing the opportunity that is provided to them. . Furthermore, giving users discount coupons too often can reduce the perceived value of the brand; always discounted products is as if they were considered less important than those sold at full price.

When you decide to use discount coupons, the most important thing, therefore, is to make sure that they are the piece of the puzzle of a well-defined web marketing strategy, so as to benefit only from this tool.

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