Discover Expert Vinyl Sticker & Decal Maintenance & Care Tips

If you are using vinyl decals and stickers to promote your business, it is crucial to keep them in pristine condition. They should look stunning and impressive just like they were at the time of installation. Whether you are using vinyl stickers or decals on your company’s fleet of vehicles or using them on your storefront window, walls or floor, you may follow a few rules for preserving and maintaining your stickers and decals and keeping them in top condition. Remember that it is of utmost importance to build a brand.

According to Forbes, often organizations fail to focus on establishing a brand, however, all marketing agencies have always emphasized the importance of building a brand so that a company can easily distinguish itself from its competitors. Experts believe that it is all the more important today to build a brand in the modern era that is dominated chiefly by the Internet. Keep in mind that it is essential to have a well-managed brand for getting rich dividends at the end. Vinyl decals and stickers are ideal for boosting your brand awareness online.

Tips to Take Care of Your Vinyl Decals & Stickers

Focus on Preparing the Surface 

Perfect vinyl sticker care starts at the time of installation. The surface on which the sticker needs to be stuck should be adequately clean and free from any dust or dirt so that the sticker can be stuck properly. Moreover, if any traces of dirt are left behind, some bumps or spots may appear and can adversely impact the aesthetic appeal of the vinyl sticker or decal. You may wipe the surface using rubbing alcohol and a soft clean cloth.

Do not use usual Ammonia-based window cleaners. Remember that Ammonia could prove to be harmful to your sticker’s adhesive. It will make it harder to stick the vinyl stickers properly and may reduce their longevity. Once the surface is clean and ready, go ahead with the installation.

Keep Your Stickers & Decals Clean

Most people think that the sun is the worst enemy of vinyl decals and stickers. However, experts point out that dirt and pollution fallout adversely impacts your stickers and decals far more than the blistering sun. In cold places like California, stickers are often damaged by acid dew. Keeping your car scrupulously clean is of vital importance. Use dusters and sprays to clean your car and maintain your stickers and car decals.

Waxing Your Stickers Help

When vinyl decals and stickers are aging, they may get oxidized and release a white residue. This chalk-like residue may end up obscuring the original color of your vinyl sticker or decal and may make it appear bleached and less attractive. You may use a vinyl restorative product to bring back the sheen or simply use your usual car wax for restoring the health of your vinyl sticker or decal.

Conclusion: Avoid Using Pressure Washers

Pressure washers or a drive-through car wash could be bad for your graphics and car paint. It is a good idea to get your car hand-washed for the perfect maintenance of your vinyl decals and stickers.


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