Do Clear Aligners work the same as normal aligners?

There are many questions that arise when it comes to the use of clear aligners. Many people wonder if they work the same as traditional metal braces, or if their teeth will be straight once they finish treatment. The answer is yes! Clear aligners work in a similar way to normal braces by gradually moving your teeth into place over time. They come with instructions on how much movement should occur at each stage and you can monitor progress using photos taken every few weeks so you know what’s happening inside your mouth. 

Clear aligners also have some great advantages too – there is no need for any tooth preparation before treatment starts unlike metal brackets, which means less pain and discomfort during the process; because clear aligners are made from resin instead of metal braces.

However, there are a few differences between clear aligners and normal aligners. These include:

1. Clear aligners are virtually invisible

This is the biggest benefit of clear alignment, especially for teenagers and adults that want to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing. Clear aligners fit flush with your teeth so nobody can tell you’re wearing them unless you tell them – they will not be able to see them in your mouth and there’s no metal poking through your lips or tongue so it’s less hassle than normal braces. Adult patients who need to wear a retainer at night may find clear aligners particularly useful as this means nobody will know you have a retainer fitted at night either.

2. Clear aligners are removable

Clear aligner trays can be removed which allows you to eat and drink whatever you like throughout treatment; removing clear aligners once you have finished eating or drinking is pretty much painless, unlike having to eat with metal braces in your mouth.

3. Clear aligners are custom-made for each wearer’s unique situation

Custom-made clear aligners take around 2 weeks to make (compared to the 1 week it takes for normal braces) but the time difference is worth it because they are made specifically for your teeth, not a generic set of brace trays that may or may not fit you well. Simply put, clear aligners are designed just for you so your treatment shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful.

4. Clear Aligner trays are replaced once worn out instead of being re-tightened/ readjusted

Clear aligner trays are removed and replaced every 2 weeks, this is to ensure that your teeth continue moving in the correct direction. Because clear aligners are made to fit perfectly, readjusting them after 2 weeks won’t be necessary; if you do need to readjust your clear aligners, it will prolong treatment time.

5. Clear Aligners straighten teeth faster than normal braces

Clear aligner trays take around 6 months to complete treatment (terminal stage) whereas metal braces can take up to 12 months. However, wearing clear aligner trays for 6 months means less inconvenience throughout treatment; there’s no need for any food or drink restrictions or having to wear a retainer at night. Everyday life with clear aligners is pretty much the same as not having braces on at all – you can eat, drink and brush your teeth normally with no bother.


Clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces and for good reason. They’re more affordable than regular metal or ceramic brackets, they’re not painful, and require less time commitment.

Clear aligner treatment has been designed for those who want professional results without a ton of hassle. If this seems like something that could help you or your child, contact a dentist at Invisalign Clinic in Melbourne and book an appointment for a professional dental consultation or to know the Invisalign cost in Australia.

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