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Do you have a heart for serving the elderly? Try out these roles

Working with the elderly can be both a daunting task and a rewarding one. They have decades of life experience, giving them an interesting perspective on many things. However, they often are considered a very vulnerable subset of the population, as they deal with increasing health issues, more dependence on others, and other obstacles that young people do not face.

For those of you who have a heart for serving the elderly, there are plenty of great options for jobs that allow you to work with and care for this group. Too often, older individuals are neglected by society since they are less able to advocate for themselves in many cases. 

So what are some of the ways that you can apply your passion for supporting the elderly?

Start a homecare agency

If you specialize in medical services and want to care for older individuals in a way that is convenient for them, running a homecare agency can be the perfect solution. Many elderly individuals prefer to stay home and dislike frequent visits to a specialist for whatever reason, but running a business this way would allow you to care for them in their own homes. While a lot of planning goes into starting a homecare agency, you could find that it is your true calling as it improves health care for the elderly while helping them feel more comfortable. Plus, it allows you to invest in your community, caring for individuals in the local area.

Work in a nursing home

This kind of facility is always looking for new staff to help them serve the needs of the residents. Although it can be a stressful job, if you have the heart for it, it can be very rewarding as you serve this population that is often overlooked. The unfortunate side of long-term care facilities is that, due to the vulnerability of their residents, there can be cases of elder abuse that occur. While there are abuse attorneys who can assist the family after the fact, the amount of physical and emotional damage can be devastating. If you are passionate about working with the elderly, you can be a part of the solution by ensuring that residents are getting the best care possible, bringing peace of mind to them and their families.  

Become a recreational therapist

Recreational activities are proven to help with physical, emotional, and social health for people of all age groups. But they can be especially helpful for the elderly. If you are someone who likes to incorporate physical and social activities into your life, this could be the perfect role for you. You can plan things like group walks, yoga sessions, fun social outings, involvement with events in the greater community, and other activities that improve health and lead to more social interactions. This can be a fun way to serve the elderly where you can witness the physical and emotional benefits firsthand.

Find a position as a social worker

A social worker who interacts with older individuals can take many forms, but it is a great role for anyone who has communication skills and a desire to help people. Special training programs equip these workers to understand the specific issues that the elderly face and help support them in the midst of these challenges. They can help diagnose and treat certain mental, behavioral, and emotional problems, which severely affect vulnerable groups like the elderly. 

Become a caregiver

Many family members become caregivers for their older relatives, but anyone who wants to serve the elderly can become a paid caregiver. This role usually takes the form of helping someone with daily tasks if they need the extra support. This could include helping them get dressed, use the bathroom, exercise, eat, take medication, or other activities that happen on a regular basis. It is even possible to become a paid caregiver for a family member that you are already supporting. The role is certainly not for the faint of heart, as it can mean being involved in very intimate and vulnerable moments. But it allows the individual to receive a level of care and comfort that serves their needs well.

It is a high calling

Finding a job where you can work with the elderly is not suited for everyone. It can be difficult, stressful, and potentially very tiring depending on the role. But the service that you are providing means a great deal to both the individuals you work with and their loved ones who want the best for them. There are many other ways to serve the elderly than what is listed here, so you should be able to find something that plays to your strengths. The work that you will do is very valuable and often overlooked, so remember that when things become difficult, you are the one providing hope and care for that individual. 

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