Do you Know Everything about Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is major abdominal surgery. If on the one hand, it can solve many problems, both aesthetic and functional, on the other it is still a surgical act. Before deciding whether to undergo abdominal surgery, it is good to be as informed as possible.

General guidelines

  • to people of normal weight (therefore to eliminate excess skin after the diet or to correct the abdominal muscles in case of childbirth, heavy weight loss or resistant fat);
  • exclusively to adult and healthy patients ;
  • to women who are not planning to become pregnant ;
  • to those who have previously undergone bariatric surgery and who have now reached the ideal weight;
  • in case of objective dysfunction such as laparalocele or diastasis of the rectum .

It is never to be considered:

  • a way to lose weight (for that you have to commit to diet and exercise, only when you reach the weight-shape goal can you think of ” retouching ” the work done with the abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty );
  • a simple treatment, as it is a penis enlargement surgery to be faced together with a specialized surgeon, in a qualified and aware structure.

How much is known about abdominoplasty?

Too many times, patients come to the clinic with very confused ideas about the abdominal cosmetic operation. There are questions they are ashamed to ask or reticent doubts.

In this article, we will cover the ten most frequent FAQs.

  1. Can anyone undergo abdominoplasty?

The answer is no. Let’s talk about real abdominal surgery. Like all interventions, the candidate must have eligibility requirements. Before giving the ok, the plastic surgeon will evaluate some parameters:

  • the general health of the patient;
  • motivation for which he wants to undergo the abdomen surgery;
  • the lifestyle of the patient (for example if he is a smoker if he is a person who will tend to gain weight again if he is a woman who wants to have pregnancies in the future).

In general, healthy adult patients with realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery are accepted. Aware of not having to relapse into obesity in the future and not being able to have pregnancies.

2. Can men and women do abdominoplasty?

Surely. This type of surgery is applicable to both women’s abdomen as the abdomen male. The operation consists in eliminating superfluous abdominal fat or, in repositioning the abdominal muscles (if divided by a diastasis, for example), in eliminating any hernias or laparocele and in suturing the skin to restore a smooth and smooth appearance to the belly. tonic.

3. Will my tummy be as perfect after the surgery as those of the models I see in the newspapers or on Instagram?

No, this is not always a realistic expectation. It is possible that this happens if, in youth or before childbirth, one’s body was already like this. However, everyone has their own physicality. Surely, thanks to abdominoplasty you get:

  • the elimination of fat ;
  • the reconstruction of the abdominal muscle and its correct repositioning;
  • smoothing of folds stretch marks, skin marks;
  • the repositioning of the navel ;
  • excision of any bumps such as hernias or laparocele.

4. Will I have a large scar?

No. A good surgeon will take care to make a small incision in the so-called “bikini zone”. That is, the lower part of the abdomen, straddling the beginning of the pubis. This way the scar will be covered by underwear or a swimsuit. In any case, the sign will tend to lighten and become barely visible over time. If you are not satisfied, however, you can think about treating the scar with targeted soft treatments in the future.

5. After the abdominoplasty will you see “that I have done it again”?

No. If you carefully choose the surgeon, also specialized in body contouring, the result of the surgery on the abdomen will be so natural that it will not arouse any suspicion in those who do not know that one has undergone cosmetic surgery.

6. Can you see the result immediately?

Again the answer is no. After the operation, the abdomen may feel swollen and swollen for a few days. Over time it will improve more and more until it takes on its final appearance after about six months.

7. Is the surgery painful?

Thanks to modern surgical techniques, certainly less invasive than those of decades ago, abdominoplasty today is a routine operation. It is possible to experience mild pain or discomfort in the 48-72 hours post-surgery. However, it will be enough to treat the discomfort with a simple painkiller therapy, which can also be carried out at home.

8. How is the post-operative procedure carried out?

In the days following the surgery, rest, pain-relieving therapy and a containment sheath will be recommended . This belly will be worn for about 30 days. You will be able to return to your usual activities after a week. To play sports after about four weeks. It is important, during the year following the surgery, to carry out periodic checks.

9. How much does the abdominoplasty cost?

The prices of plastic surgery are not classifiable in a fixed price list. Much depends on the extent of the defect to be corrected. The larger and more challenging the abdominal surgery, the more it will cost. If the abdominoplasty is then combined with other treatments, such as liposuction, lipofilling or remodelling, the cost could be different than that of a basic intervention.

10. What will I have to do after having a tummy tuck?

Those who undergo belly reshaping surgery should know that:

  • he will have to try to maintain his ideal weight because, by gaining weight, the result would be nullified;
  • she will not be able to have pregnancies without, inevitably, losing the result obtained with the surgery.

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