Does learning piano make you faster at typing?

Piano players are believed to have great typing skills as opposed to those who don’t play this musical instrument. There must exist some underlying reasons that help make pianists better at typing. Let’s look at what might be the reasons behind this assumption.

Improved feedback Loop

As you play the piano, you receive immediate feedback about whether or not you were able to play the note correctly, or if the articulation or dynamics worked as they should. Whether you found a certain note sounding nice or not, you can retry it a few more times, and discover the best sound for your specific scenario. Every time we play the right tones, our brains feel rewarded, and when we play the wrong choice, we get discouraged because the sound is not pleasing. Well, there are no mechanisms that resemble this while typing using a computer keyboard, but in theory, pianists have trained themselves for better typing

Using all your fingers

Playing the piano is among the very few tasks in everyday life that may require anyone to use all 10 fingers. At the basic level, a piano player learns to have the mind and body cooperate to press all the keys that are required. This synchronized operation of the mind and the fingers is what you need to get the sounds that you want. Without more practice, there is a possibility that piano players can hot 70 words a minute while typing on a computer keyboard.  visit here :

Analytical process

There are a variety of things that pianists worry about while typing, and among them is the correctness of the notes, the volume, the articulation, and also the pulse. The positioning of their fingers and the notes to choose are also among the many variables that a pianist will always be thinking about. If you move away from this analytical process to typing on a keyboard, you will suddenly be preoccupied with pressing the right keys. At this time, you will not be concerned about how soft or hard we press the keys because, at the end of it all, the outcome doesn’t matter. After all, it’s all similar. There will not be a need to maintain a consistent tempo because there will be one finger that sits on one key all the time. Because someone who has been accustomed to the analytical task of playing the piano, then typing using a computer keyboard will get easier.

Anecdotal evidence

In his interview, Jelani Nelson avers that his ability to play the piano as a child contributed to his fast typing speed at the computer. But this shouldn’t be taken as a fast and hard rule because many other great typists don’t agree with this.

Can you be faster at typing by learning piano?

While there is no scientific evidence that adduces to this notion, there are more people who believe that those who have mastered piano can type faster. Students who start learning computer typing after an earlier exposure to the piano are believed to be slightly advantaged. So if you want to learn piano at a piano studio in Singapore, knowing the relationship between your ability to use the piano and to type better helps.

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