Do’s and Don’ts After Hair Removal Laser Treatment

Women can become conscious regarding their body hair which can affect their self-confidence. Hence, it is best to opt for a better option, such as a hair removal laser. It is a hair reduction treatment that can help individuals to feel confident with clear and smooth skin. Individuals who want to get guidance regarding the effectiveness of laser treatment should consult the best dermatologist in Karachi.

Most people struggle to visit parlors to maintain their skin. Therefore, they want permanent results and less chaos. A hair removal laser is proven effective in reducing unwanted hair after four to six sessions. However, the person must take proper care for optimum results without complications.

The steps that can help the skin heal faster and reduce complications include:

  • Compression: The person will observe swelling after the procedure. It can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, using cold compressors can help reduce inflammation and manage the pain. The person can wet a towel and apply it to the affected area. It will help deal with the temporary swelling. It is best to use this method twice on the same day of treatment.
  • Use the Medications as per the Guidance of the Doctor: The specialist will provide medications to apply for two to three days after the treatment to reduce pain and discomfort. The ointment will help reduce the inflammation and prevent infection that can lead to multiple complications.
  • No Sun Exposure: The skin after the treatment becomes sensitive. The sun can damage the skin and cause inflammation. Therefore, the person must not have direct contact with the sun for a month after undergoing the hair removal laser treatment. The person can go outdoors with sunscreen to avoid damage to the skin.
  • Shaving Guideline After the Laser: The person should avoid shaving the area for at least five to seven after the laser treatment. The selling and red bumps can cause damage to the skin. It can lead to infection and bleeding. Hence, the person should remain patient and give the skin time to heal.

The person should take time to heal and avoid engaging in the following activities:

  • Next Session Not Before a Month: The laser treatment is an effective way to the reduction of unwanted hair. However, it takes four to six sessions to show promising results. The person has to remain calm and patient. It is necessary to have a gap of four to six weeks between sessions.
  • Avoid Tanning: The person must stay cautious and take proper care of their skin. Tanning can lead to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, they must avoid having contact with UV rays. Also, the person should avoid using beauty products and lotions with harsh chemicals. It can cause skin irritation, infection, and red bumps.
  • Avoid Fragrance Beauty Products: The lotions with fragrance can cause inflammation and worsen the condition. Therefore, it is best to use products prescribed by the specialist. People who have had the laser on their underarms should avoid using deodorants and perfumes for at least two weeks.
  • No Scrubs: The exfoliation can help shed off the dead hair from the skin. However, the individual must remain patient and wait for at least two weeks before using scrubs near the affected area.

The person must remain conscious and take proper care after the laser treatment, or it can lead to complications such as:

  • The hyperpigmentation du to tanning can be permanent.
  • The person may suffer from unbearable pain due to blisters.
  • The individual may notice burns and scarring after the treatment.
  • The person must use ointments on time, or it can lead to a skin infection.
  • The scars can become permanent and cause anxiety regarding the physical appearance.

The people who want guidance regarding the effectiveness and cost of the hair removal laser should consult a specialist at National Hospital & Medical Centre. The specialist will help the individual become aware of the procedure and ask them opt for it only if they are a suitable candidate.

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