Dubai Travel Guide for the USA

Dubai is a desire terminus for many travelers. Those who know at least a little bit about Dubai will agree to a trip to Dubai if they get the chance. Dubai’s grandeur and lavish lifestyle attract everyone. However, many do not know much about the city. Let’s know about it.

How to arrive in Dubai

Dubai International Airport is one of the greatest in the world, with the traffic of thousands of flights daily. With simple connections and vast of airline options, flying to or through Dubai is a breeze. If you have a US passport, you do not need a visa to go to Dubai

Best months to visit

November to January is the perfect time to visit Dubai as it is a topical country.

Best hotels to stay in Dubai

Montreal Hotel, Broadway Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel- these are some best hotels in Dubai. In the case of travel to Dubai, there are some different strategies for booking. Supposing hotel booking, it is better not to go to the site of expensive hotels. Instead, you can go to,, sites.

Best things to explore in Dubai

City of Skyscrapers

Dubai is called the city of skyscrapers. The tall buildings here are worth seeing. Many have already heard of the famous Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure ever built. But not only Burj Khalifa, but the whole of Dubai is also scattered with some of the best buildings in the world. These include Marina 101, Princess Tower, 23 Marina, Elite Residence, Almas Tower, and many more. These are not just high even inside these buildings there are a lot of splendors. The world’s first rotating tower is going to be more attached to it. When you visit Dubai, you will be fascinated by these attractive high-rise buildings.

A fusion of multinational cultures

Dubai is said to be a melting pot of multinational cultures. More than 200 nationalities live together here. Interestingly, about 90% of Dubai’s population comes from outside Dubai. Many people from South Asia, India, and Pakistan have moved to Dubai to live permanently. The Dubai government is also very interested in providing various facilities to foreigners. No matter what country you visit in Dubai, you will meet people from your homeland.

A celebration of colorful and delicious food from different countries

Food is a symbol of the culture of any country. Dubai has its food items. On the other hand, different food diversity cab is found here. Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Pakistani, Chinese, French, Japanese, British, Mexican foods have added extra color in the food culture of Dubai.

Magnificent beaches

The magnificent beaches of Dubai will captivate you. The city of Dubai is located right on the shores of the Persian Gulf. So don’t miss any of the beaches. The excellent sunlight and safe beaches here are very popular with westerners. Popular beaches include Jumeirah Beach, Marina Beach, Al Mamza Beach, Azure Beach, and many more.

The Palm Island

All the places we have not chosen for tourism have more or fewer islands, but where will you find man-made artificial islands? Dubai can quench your thirst. Dubai has the world’s largest man-made islands. Many tourists gather here every year. To serve them, there are 5-star hotels, many beaches, and more modern facilities.

Shopping paradise

Dubai is like a paradise for shopping lovers. A great place to shop because, From Gucci, Nike, Apple, Ralph Lauren, Omega, Maybelline, Chanel all brands have outlets here.

Ski-in the desert

If you want to do ice skating in the snow while visiting Dubai, it is also possible. Surprised to hear? How is it possible to ski in the desert! But they have made this impossible possible. Here is the famous ski Dubai. The 65-meter-high indoor ski lounge covers an area of ​​22,500 square meters.

Best gold market

Dubai has a huge gold market. If you want pure gold Dubai is the best place to visit.

Burj Khalifa

You have to think about the Burj Khalifa, let alone the other Dubai processions. The highest installation in the world that you can only find here! In addition to being the tallest establishment, Burj Khalifa is also a 6-star hotel.

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