Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is substantially used as a sojourn stopping place for travelers flying in and out on Emirates. While Dubai can easily be a sojourn city where you catch the big sites in a couple of days, there’s an amusing amount of things to do here for those seeking to spend more time.  You would love your time in Dubai more than you can think! It’s a city of combining both the old and the new.  Dubai is a place of stable culture with old customs whiles simultaneously you can find a modern lifestyle. You would be surprised to know that how much there is to do in this city- and how even in a week you barely abraded the surface. Dubai is a captivating, multi-cultural megalopolis that deserves a lot more than a stopover. The most attractive state in the UAE is Dubai. An emirate, one of the world’s elite airlines, attracts millions of passengers every day. There is so much to enjoy in the desert country of Dubai. For this, you need a proper guideline before flying for Dubai.

By Air 

Dubai is endowed with an environment which makes it excessively facile to reach from all proportions of the world. Many people sojourn at Dubai before their onward journey to the east or the west. Dubai International Airport is one of the greatest in the world, with the traffic of thousands of flights daily. With simple connections and vast of airline options, flying to or through Dubai is a breeze. If you have a US passport, you do not need a visa to go to Dubai

The Best Time to Visit

Dubai is tropical. From April to September, Dubai’s weather is generally summery, so it’s best to pack comfortable clothing, with light colors such as white, pink. Because of the cultural rules, it is advisable to wear clothing that is not too disclosing. Still, Dubai is a cultured city, and attire from all parts of the world is appreciated. For summer, carry comfy open footwear. For the winter, you can pack light winter clothes.  Yet it is very relaxing, the wind might add to the chill in the evenings.


In the case of travel to Dubai, there are some different strategies for booking. Supposing hotel booking, it is better not to go to the site of expensive hotels. Instead, you can go to,, sites. They will arrange for you to stay in a hotel or apartment at a lower cost. You can find out the details online from their site.

Places of attractions 

Try to explore the highest of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum,Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Mosque, Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Ski Dubai, SEGA Republic, iFLY Dubai, Ferrari World, Dubai Autodrome, Miracle Garden. There are such a large amount of things to visit in Dubai. Make a list and go to have fun.

DOs & DON’Ts

Although dressing is liberal in Dubai, it is advisable to select proper clothes.  Don’t show public display of affection in public places. It is not acceptable there. Show respect to local women.  Liberal communications with women are prohibited there as it is a conservative country. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink alcohol in a public place. In the month of Ramadan, don’t eat, drink or smoke in public places. Police can check or warn you for it. Try to be safe. Do not visit Naif Road or Mina Bazaar areas alone after the evening. It can be unsafe. There will be many vendors trying to sell accessories at a high price, bargain with them before buying anything.


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