Emberify: 8 Instagram Trends that Brands Can’t Ignore in 2023

Instagram is a dynamic platform where people can post videos or photos in the app worldwide. Similarly, free instagram likes trial Emberify is all about trends. If you stick to the trends, you can get higher rankings on the platform. Instagram trends are ever-changing. For example, if a video concept is trending on one day, it will not be on the other. Within a fraction of a second, the algorithm will change the scenario of the trends. So marketers have to be focused on the trends to build their brand. Moreover, to fuel up your online presence, you can get a free instagram likes trial and shall grow on the platform. 

So, What are Instagram trends? How can you get on the ones? Where will you find the best ones? How will you know it? Every marketer will be boggling to know the answers to these questions. If you are a marketer, here you came to the right place! This complete article is about Instagram trends you can’t ignore in 2023. Let’s explore more to learn more! Let’s get started!

What are Instagram Trends?

Instagram trending videos are nothing, but the post shows up among the top results of the explore page. In another way, it is said as a post with high views, likes, shares, etc., is considered a trending one. Therefore, marketers must keep an eye on the platform to use the trends and uplift their presence. 

Top Instagram Trends of 2023 

It is a proven fact that marketers need to pay more attention to the trends to reach a higher level. Some trends are always there, whereas some will change over time. Below are some of the expected trends of 2023 as follows, 

  1. Content Is Always King

Without content, Instagram is nothing. Content is always king and binds more than 1 billion users worldwide. Nowadays, organizations have various ways to tap the audience, but when it comes to new product promotion, any launch, etc., content emphasizes your ideas. So content creators have to create content with new vocabulary, words, etc., Even the concepts should be fresh and unique from your competitors. You can also check on your peers to get exciting ideas. If you stay firm on the content, no one can beat you on Instagram. 

  1. Instagram Shopping

Being updated with the latest trends on Instagram is a plus if you want to increase your follower base. One such trend that is rising is known as “Instagram Shopping .”In simple terms, it can be defined as a feature that allows users to shop easily from a brand within the app. People started discovering and buying various products on social media platforms like Instagram. The main reason for the rise of this trend is the visuals that the platform provides for the customers. Do you know that more than 70 percent of users discover new products on Instagram daily? From cost-effective products to expensive branded products are available on Instagram shopping. Instagram also provides additional features, such as 

  • Product tags
  • Shoppable stickers
  • In-app checks out etc., making it easy for both users and brands  
  1. Support Important Causes

You can be on the trends if you support essential, public, and social causes. But you have to post it on the same day as the current scenario happens on a particular day. It shows that you resonate with your audience. The hashtags like #TimesUp, #MeToo, etc., will make your post more popular. Furthermore, if you want to improve your visibility, you should try using Emberify and have significant growth. 

  1. Use of AR Effects

You have to make the content more engaging. So you have to use the AR effects that make your videos more exciting and fun. With this interactive feature, you can give your audience polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders. You can quickly learn customer preferences by promoting your new products with these filters. So you can create the best out of it! 

  1. User-Generated Content 

UGC is always a trending one. User-generated content is a natural promotion of products and services. Even now, many people trust a brand with other people’s opinions. Furthermore, UGC contents make people develop trust or credibility towards your brand. There are chances brands may try to get UGC from the influencers, but it is not real. The real victory will come from the reviews from your potential customers. 

  1. Bite-Sized Videos

As per the studies, the average attention span has reduced from 12 to 8 seconds in recent years. It is the same for online videos also. With social media platforms like Instagram, there is exciting bite-sized content. Moreover, almost all platforms have options to deliver video content in the form of short videos. As a result, the reels and stories are now getting twice the engagement of regular posts. 

  1. Preference for Micro-Influencers

As said earlier, influencers are the ones who bring more authenticity to your brand. Besides celebrities and macro influencers, micro-influencers are cheaper and easy to connect to achieve your goals. If you find the correct micro-influencer for your target audience, you can have great ROI. Micro-influencers will help you build long-term customers. 

  1. Link Additions

Adding links on Instagram is becoming popular now – a – days. On the Instagram bio, brands can add the shop, blog links, etc., of your choice. In addition, some affiliate marketers use that space to promote their affiliate pages. You can include multiple links to your Instagram posts as a new update. You can add multiple links to your posts even with social media tools. 


The above-listed Instagram trends are always a trend on Instagram. Whenever you utilize it properly, you can get the desired results. Rather than there are Instagram Live rooms, personalized hashtags, etc., are trending on the platform. Using these common trends, brands can reach sky-high in the 2023 online market. For the upcoming year, you can only analyze the predictions, whereas the results may be changed. So try considering these trends and amplifying your engagement rates. If you want to boost your reach, you need to try Emberify and reap the perks. If you find the article interesting, you shall share your feedback below. Thanks for reading! 

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