Empower Your E-Commerce Business With Omnichannel Call Center Solution

E-commerce businesses have continually grown in the last few years, making them one of the most profitable investment options for the future. Hence, savvy business owners are exploring opportunities to ensure better sales and growth across different regions.

Omnichannel marketing is a way for businesses to ensure their presence on multiple digital platforms. These platforms provide a better opportunity for ecommerce businesses to

  • Target more customers through email and SMS marketing
  • Announce new services and products via social media pages
  • Sync communication and data from different communication channels
  • Improve their customer acquisition cost by targeting the audience through an appropriate channel

So, when businesses have multiple channels for their marketing needs, they can expect more audience and customer queries through these channels. Businesses will have to plan addressing their customer queries based on the varied channels it receives the query from.  Subsequently, there can be a need for more synchronization in communication, which can further create an imbalance, and business managers can find it hard to manage customer dealings.

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. One such strategy is the implementation of an omnichannel call center solution, as discussed in this insightful article. However, for businesses in the healthcare sector, it’s crucial to ensure that these solutions are HIPAA compliant. Partnering with healthcare call center outsourcing companies can provide the necessary expertise and resources to ensure compliance while delivering exceptional customer service.

That’s where an omnichannel call center can help.

What is an Omnichannel Call Center

First, let’s understand what an omnichannel call center is. With an omnichannel contact center, businesses can handle communications with customers across different platforms. So, if you have different channels to communicate with your clients, you can harness the power of an omni-channel contact center. Typically, these channels include:

  • SMS marketing 
  • Social media platforms
  • Live chats
  • Email

Generally, an omni channel call center works on a Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) that lets businesses handle customer queries and requests from different channels. So, it’s similar to a business phone calling system.

The Working Mechanism of an Omnichannel Contact Center

Omnichannel call centers are cloud-based platforms. So, it automatically syncs your communication across different channels. 

For instance, if your virtual or on-premise call center agents are using different devices, like laptops, mobile, or desktops, the cloud-based software will update all the communication details to provide detailed insights into the customer history and activities. 

So, call center agents can have better access to information, enabling them to serve customers more efficiently. 

How Omnichannel Platforms Help Ecommerce Businesses

An omnichannel call center platform has different calling and networking features that improve business communication efficiency. Here are some ways these platforms can be helpful:

Improve Upselling and Cross-Selling with Predictive Dialing

Typically, most ecommerce sites sell thousands of products every day. So, to keep the sales numbers high, omnichannel contact centers can provide more accessible dialing options to business owners. 

For instance, an ecommerce website typically holds customer data through CRM software. Hence, auto-dialing and predictive dialing features reduce the lookup time for call center agents. Hence, they can instantly dial a customer. 

Generally, predictive and auto dialing features can help businesses to:

  • Confirm that the customer has received a product
  • Send promotional messages about products and services
  • Inform the customer latest sales offers

Each instance of communication with the customer gives you a new opportunity to sell your product. Hence, auto dialing makes light work of it by integrating with your company’s CRM software. 

Improve Customer Loyalty with Your Brand

The competition in the ecommerce space is remarkably tough, so if you have loyal customers, consider it a blessing. But how do you keep them loyal? 

Remember that a customer calls a call center when they have already purchased a product and are facing some kind of problem with it. 

So, if you can solve that problem, there is every chance they will come back to you for more purchases.

Since an omnichannel platform leverages your communication and customers can connect from any channel, it’s easier to handle queries and provide the support they are looking for. 

A good service will go a long way. Hence, you can expect them to return to your brand, and that’s how you make a loyal customer for your ecommerce brand.

Handle Queries Efficiently with Unified Communication

Generally, ecommerce customers prefer talking on the phone or live chat. In addition, online query forms can be pretty laborious, so customers avoid these forms while asking for support on ecommerce websites. 

So, if you have omnichannel ecommerce software, it can integrate with your CRM tool allowing call center agents to look up order history to provide better customer support quickly. 

It doesn’t matter what channel your customer might be using. They could connect instantly and receive a faster response.

Because customers receive responses from wherever they call, it makes it more convenient for them and helps build a better B2C relationship with the customer. 

Moreover, an omnichannel platform also features skill-mapping tools, so the customer is always connected to the right person to deal with their queries. 

Therefore, unified communication gives you more power as an ecommerce business owner to ensure quality and speed of support services for your customers. 

Improve Query Resolution with IVR Self Service

IVR is a typical feature in most contact center software and is also helpful. By placing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at the entry point for a caller, you can welcome them more pleasantly.  

Moreover, if you integrate the IVR with your CRM, you can address the customer by their names and provide a more personalized experience with an unmanned system. 

In a way, it helps customers self-serve their queries, which can reduce service time and make your support system more efficient. 

If a customer needs human assistance, they can always select the option to talk to a support staff representative. 

Reduce Query Handling Time 

Ecommerce customers usually have a buying history. Thanks to an omnichannel call center, the service agents can access this history via a dashboard. Hence, they can quickly access relevant information and provide instant support while on call.

Moreover, these platforms have three-way communication features that let you add a senior member to the conversation if needed. 


An omnichannel call center can be an ideal integration to an ecommerce website, helping boost sales, acquiring more customers, and providing top-notch support services to the customers. In addition, the best omnichannel call centers can seamlessly integrate with the existing website architecture, so it’s worth a go for ecommerce stores. 


What are the top features of an omnichannel call center?

The top features of an omnichannel contact center include omnichannel routing, Social Media integration, Centralized Data management, and cloud-based architecture. 

Can Omnichannel Call Centers Boost Ecommerce Sales?

An omnichannel ecommerce store can boost business sales because it helps in providing better customer services, quick response, and ease of use for the customer because they can use any platform to connect with the service agents.


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