End 2022 with an unforgettable road trip to France!

What better way to end the year than with a holiday with your best friends or your beloved family? It’s also a good way to make good use of the vacation days you haven’t been able to take up yet! Now, a holiday may sound like a whole ordeal, especially with a big group. But you can also choose to go on a road trip close to home. There are plenty of amazing cities and landscapes nearby you have never seen before. So, time to pack up. Because in this blog, you will find the perfect itinerary for a road trip to France. From Amsterdam all the way to the gorgeous city of Paris!

Starting point: Amsterdam

Wherever you are from, we are starting this roadtrip in the city with more bikes than citizens, more bridges than Paris and more canals than Venice: Amsterdam! There are plenty of things to see here, from cozy pastry bakeries to surprisingly good restaurants. If you love art, you have to visit one of the many museums and other historical sights. Culture is overflowing. Also, you can shop at almost any store, because the shopping streets are endless. As soon as nightfall hits, you can pick between the many dance clubs, cafes and terraces to spend the evening. You probably want to spend a few days in Amsterdam, so make sure you find a nice hotel and rent some bikes to explore the city in the true ‘Dutch’ way!

Next stop: Antwerp

Only a couple hours away from Amsterdam, just across the Belgian border, you’ll find Antwerp. And let us tell you, there are few cities as sophisticated and stylish as Antwerp! Known as the diamond capital of the world and home to some crazy good Belgian chocolates, this is a stop you don’t want to skip. Just like Amsterdam, you can do some great shopping here in one of the many elegant boutiques.

Stop 3: Ghent

Ghent is a town that is overflowing with gorgeous, historical architecture, picturesque streets and most of all: a high quantity of Belgium beers to taste! It’s a hotspot for students and that’s not only because of the universities there. The nightlife in Ghent is great, making this a must-see stop during your trip to Paris. For art lovers, we recommend walking through the city center to watch Graffiti Street and visit the galleries and antique shops of the Gravensteen area. 

On to: Bruges!

Our fourth stop is still within the Belgian borders. Because there is so much to see there! Bruges is filled with authentic cobblestone streets, historic churches and cozy terraces to take a seat. The city center is UNESCO-listed! You’ll feel like you’re walking in a town from the middle ages. Don’t forget to visit the market square and eat some true Belgian crispy fries with a Belgian beer before you move on on your road trip.

Final stop: magnificent Paris

Here we finally are, Paris! It’s finally time to discover whether all the stories about this romantic capital are true. And they are, because this city truly has it all! Authentic pastry shops that sell croissants like no other, corner terraces with fresh coffee. And loads and loads of fashionable boutiques and hidden galleries around every corner. Art lovers will feel at home here, because there are many museums to discover in Paris featuring world famous artworks from centuries ago. At night, all you really want to do here is have a delicious meal at a restaurant and then sit at a cafe staring at the sparkling Eiffel Tower. What a dream! And what a great ending to this road trip. All there’s left to do now is drive home.

Choose your ride carefully

If you are making this road trip with only a couple people, your private car is probably a perfect way to get around. If you travel with more people, however, it might be a good idea to rent a bus (Dutch: personenbus huren) to make sure you all stick together for the whole journey. Even when you travel with up to 9 people, you can find a 9 seater bus (Dutch: 9 persoonsbus huren) to fit everyone and their luggage comfortably.

Now you know where to go and what to look out for, there’s nothing left to do than hop in your van and drive off. Happy holiday!

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