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Every holandric cube recipe in Diablo 2 can be found here: It has been resurrected

When you complete Act 2, you’ll be able to use the Diablo 2 horadric cube, which is a valuable tool. You won’t be able to miss it because you’ll need it to complete a couple of quests later in the game. You can use it to craft items, transmute runes and gems into more powerful versions, and add sockets to your armor and weapons.

The procedure is straightforward; simply drag items into the cube’s inventory space and select the transmute option from the drop-down menu. The problem is that there are so many different combinations to choose from that it’s nearly impossible to remember every single one of them. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of every Diablo 2 horadric cube recipe, including those introduced with the 2.4 updates, this guide will provide you with everything you need.

Diablo 2 horadric cube gem recipes are available.
To obtain an upgrade for a gem, you can combine it with other gems of the same type (amethyst, ruby, or other). As an example, three Chipped Amethysts will result in a Flawed Amethyst if you combine them. The recipes for the gems are listed below.

The horadric cube rune recipes for Diablo 2.
Using the horadric cube, you can transform Diablo 2 resurrected runes into more powerful versions that are more effective. Our Diablo 2 runewords guide explains how to use these to bestow powerful bonuses on your character’s abilities.

Recipes for Diablo 2’s horadric cube repair and regeneration.
The recipes listed below can be used to repair your equipment without the use of gold. In addition, the horadric cube can be used to replenish the charges of equipment or weapons that have skills that require a specific number of charges.

Diablo 2 horadric cube socket recipes can be found here.
This list contains recipes that can be used to add sockets to gear, though it should be noted that the recipes for adding sockets to magic and rare items (found at the bottom of this list) cannot be used to create runewords.

Recipes for horadric cube gear upgrades in Diablo 2.
These recipes allow you to upgrade your armor and weapons to the next level of quality. This includes ethereals, but not runewords or crafted Diablo II Resurrected items which are excluded from the rule.

Recipes for horadric cube ammunition in Diablo 2.
These recipes allow you to change the type of ammunition or thrown weapon you use from one type to another.

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