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These days, faux locs come in various sizes and styles. It may be confusing to struggle with terms such as distressed faux locs, short soft locs, soft locs short, small faux locs, etc. But I won’t lie; even I have trouble remembering the differences between soft locs, the newest style to gain popularity, and boho locs, butterfly locs, goddess, locs, and even locs with butterflies in them.

Soft locs are easier to style than standard faux locs because, as the name implies, they are softer and move more when they are first implanted. 

According to hairstylist Erinn Courtney of StyleSeat, “the type of hair utilized is the key to getting the soft locs haircut.” 

I prefer crochet fake locs since they don’t require you to wrap your hair all the way down, but kinky wrapping hair may also be wrapped in a variety of ways to create other appearances.

Soft locs are a terrific temporary alternative and appear natural if you desire a dreadlock-like style but aren’t ready to commit to it long-term. 

We requested Courtney to give all the information you need to know prior to obtaining soft locs, and she did.

What Makes Soft Locs an Awesome Protective Style?

It’s advisable to choose a style that reduces manipulation and keeps the hair ends tucked away if you have to give your hair a break. 

If done individually or crocheted, soft locs are an excellent protective style because they envelop the natural hair and shield it from damage from the environment, according to Courtney.

How Long Does It Take for Soft Loc Installations?

If you’ve ever had box braids or another protective style, you are aware that installation might take some time. As a result, you probably have a practice of avoiding scheduling any other appointments on the same day as your hair appointment. 

You’ll be happy to learn that soft locs can be installed rather quickly; depending on the length and size of the locs, installation can take anywhere from two to five hours. 

How Do You Install Soft Locs?

According to Courtney, soft locs can be created separately by wrapping hair around natural hair or crocheting pre-made soft locs into cornrows. 

The kind of hair utilized is essential for creating smooth locs. Most hairdressers advise wearing water wave passion twist hair, kinky wrapping hair, or crochet faux locs.

What’s The Best Way to Look After Soft Locs?

You’ll need to give your soft locs hairstyle a little TLC if you want it to last longer than a week. 

First off, you must cover your soft locs before jumping into bed because doing so will cause them to get frizzy and possibly loosen.

Wearing a silk or satin cap or scarf at night to stop the soft locs from becoming frizzy while you sleep is the ideal way to care for soft locs, according to Courtney. 

The hairstylist also advises using a shower cap while taking a shower to avoid getting the soft locs wet, as doing so could lead them to slide down your natural hair after drying and expose frizzy roots.

When caring for your soft locs, it’s also crucial to keep your hair moisturized. 

Your natural hair requires moisture to keep healthy even if it is not exposed. 

Use the required moisturizing products, advises Courtney, to keep your hair healthy and moisturized and to prevent the soft locs strands from fraying.

Can You Wash Soft Locs?

Yes is the answer. While washing soft locs might look difficult, it’s really not that difficult. 

The easiest approach to wash soft locs, according to Courtney, is to concentrate your fingertips on the scalp solely and let the shampoo wash down the locs without touching them. 

Too much friction will cause the locs to become loose and finally fall out.

How Long Do Soft Locs Last?

If you must give your hair a rest from heat styling and other operations, soft locs are ideal because they last for four to six weeks. 

It is advised not to leave the style in for much longer than this time frame, though, since the extra weight of the extra hair on your head will strain on your roots. Too much tension can cause stress on your scalp, which can weaken the roots and cause breakage.

When Is It Time to Remove Soft Locs?

Once your hair has considerably thickened at the roots, it will be time to cut your soft locs. 

According to Courtney, the synthetic hair used to make the loc will get heavy and tug on the natural root. To avoid any damage, you should now take out the locs. To achieve the best natural and realistic look, it is always recommended to use soft human hair locs.

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How to Best Remove Soft Locs?

I’ve got some excellent news about eliminating soft locs: it takes a lot less time than it does to put them in. 

To avoid cutting your natural hair, Courtney advises cutting the locs six inches below your normal hair and unraveling them from there. 

The hairstylist adds, “You can soften the hair by using conditioner as this will help the soft locs to smooth out.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Soft Locs?

Depending on your economic position, the length of your locs, and the stylist’s skill level, installing soft locs can cost anywhere from $200 to $400. Blonde soft locs may cost a little more.

Final Words

In contrast to regular faux locs, which often use marly hair, soft locs use crochet locs hair and afro kinky (distressed) wrapping hair at the roots. However, for the best result, it is always recommended that we use human hair soft locs. 

For most hair toupees, wigs, or hair extension makers, soft locs are added services. Most of their hair products can be permed with the desired coils or curls for the hair. Please clip to have a look at today’s top-quality wholesale hair bundles with perfect kinks that can be customized to suit your needs.

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