Everything You Need To Know About Electric Vehicle Services

Do you own an electric motor-run car? If yes, you will feel much relieved to hear that the maintenance does not require as much effort as those fuel-run cars. Need for only a few consumables, absence of any ‘wear parts’, simplified Transportation Innovations Could Boost Public Health, long-lasting brakes, and less inspection points are some of the key beneficial features of electric vehicle services.

In the following sections, you will get to know about all these points in detail.

What Are The Particulars Of Electric Vehicle Maintenance?

    • Electric Vehicle Needs Only A Few Consumables

Compared to an internal combustion engine, the maintenance service for an electric motor is much simpler. You will not need any exhaust or lubricant as neither exchange between gases and liquids nor friction between the moving parts is involved. And very naturally, you can save the cost of changing or repairing oil filters or exhaust systems. The only consumables that need to be regularly changed in an electric car include windshield washer fluid, air conditioning filters, and brake pads.

    • An Electric Vehicle Involves A Small Number Of Parts

An electric car motor is designed so that it requires a minimal number of functioning parts. Unlike a fuel-run car, no ‘wear parts’ like cylinder head gasket or timing belt or cooling hose are needed for an electric vehicle motor. These parts, when worn, can cause engine failure.

    • Brakes Are Less Worn

In electric cars, two brake systems are installed. One is the regenerative braking system, in which the motor is used as a generator to keep the battery charged all the time. Another is the standard braking system, which is composed of discs and brake pads. The two braking systems work together, and thus, the mechanical braking system experiences much less load. That is why braking components keep functioning longer than those in a petrol or diesel car.

    • Transmission Is More Simplified

As there is no clutch or manual gearbox, the transmission system of an electric car is more manageable. An electric motor provides a direct drive. As the accelerator is pressed, the battery creates a magnetic field within a fixed part, which eventually makes the mobile part rotate.

Famous car brands have developed a wound-rotor synchronous motor that maximizes its energy efficiency. Thus, using an electric vehicle will help you avoid typical transmission breakdowns, thereby reducing electric vehicle repair costs.

    • Standard Inspection Points

Inspection and maintenance are carried out on various car points like the chassis, tires, bodywork, suspension, and steering. Additional inspection points include an air conditioning system, windshield wipers, and comfort features.

    • Less Maintenance For The Owners To Carry Out

As an owner, you will also need to carry out some basic maintenance works, but the number is also much less in this case. The brake fluid levels and coolant should be regularly checked and changed, if necessary. Other conditions that you should look at include tire pressure and whether you need the 12-volt battery replacement. The tire pressure should be checked before you leave for a vacation or a vehicle safety inspection.

Does The Vehicle Battery Need Maintenance?

For an electric vehicle, one of the most critical components is its battery. This battery is called a traction battery, and from the name, you can understand the driving range of an electric car. Depending on the vehicle model, you can easily drive hundreds of kilometres without any interruption.

The lithium-ion battery is estimated to have a lifespan of 10 years when used in an electric vehicle. However, it can be used for a few more years for any other purpose like vehicle electrification, stationary electricity storage, or green energy distribution. Nowadays, you can charge your own electric vehicle, even at home.

Depending on the way you use your car, your battery life can be affected. It is the reason why you should have your car batteries checked by any Renault dealer.

How Much Will The Electric Car Maintenance Cost You?

Two top benefits of electric car maintenance are as follows.

    • Considerable Savings

According to several studies, it has been found that the maintenance costs for an electric vehicle are 20-35% less than those for a combustion-powered car. For the latter type, higher expenses result from regular servicing, oil changes, exhaust system repairs or changes, etc. In an electric vehicle, there are neither any wear parts nor any need for significant engine repairs. For your business, you can consider having an electric car to reduce a substantial portion of the budget.

    • Fewer Inspections

You can get your electric car checked at an auto repair shop after it has run for 30000 kilometres, compared to 20000 kilometres for a diesel-run car and 15000 kilometres for a gasoline-powered vehicle. Inspection points are also much less, thus reducing the overall costs.


Even though an electric vehicle does not need as much maintenance as a combustion-powered car, you should take your car to the top car repair Perth service. Your vehicle will be checked by industry-trained experts, thus ensuring the best results.

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