Explore 5 Reasons to Implement ALPR

Technology reigns supreme in the security industry. Cameras, LED lighting, RFID readers, and access control cards are everywhere. And, while these tools are extremely helpful, there is a new technology making waves as a leading security and access control solution.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) is a state-of-the-art technology that takes security to the next level. It’s ideal for companies across all industries as well as law enforcement agencies. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of ALPR.

  1. Boost Security Without Additional Manpower

Security is of the utmost concern for all businesses. Many agencies must monitor vehicles entering lots and garages to ensure only authorized users gain access. However, even the most skilled security guard can make mistakes. Further, 24/7 monitoring requires hiring more paid guards. That’s why ALPR is such a helpful security tool.

ALPR quickly scans and reads all license plates before vehicles enter the lot. The system either approves or denies access in mere seconds, alerting security personnel if a scanned plate isn’t on the list. In short, ALPR can stop a potential threat in its tracks, and companies won’t need to hire additional staff to manage restricted parking lots.

  1. Streamlined Parking Management

Long lines at parking lot gates are a nuisance, and no one wants to find an unknown car in their reserved spot. However, it takes time to approve every vehicle entering the lot, and there’s always a chance an unauthorized vehicle will slip past the attendant. Looking for a better way to reduce trespassing and deter criminal activity?

ALPR is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to streamline parking management. Lot owners can use the technology to monitor vehicle entry and exit. It’s also possible to pinpoint and remove parking violations. The latest ALPR systems can even track vehicle occupancy, ensuring unauthorized individuals don’t gain access.

  1. Reduce Bottlenecks to Improve Traffic Flow

Vehicle congestion is a common complaint from drivers. Traffic jams are both time-consuming and expensive. According to INRIX, sitting in traffic costs the average American $1,348 annually!

Luckily, ALPR makes it easier than ever to optimize traffic flow. The data captured gives traffic planners a bird’s eye view of popular traffic patterns, common bottlenecks, and signal timing issues. Authorities can then use this information to prevent congestion by altering speed limits, changing stops, or redesigning the roadway altogether.

  1. State-of-the-Art Law Enforcement Tool

Car thieves are more active than ever. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that vehicle thefts surpassed one million in 2022. Thankfully, ALPR makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to solve these crimes. Plus, the technology is highly accurate. Law enforcement officials can use the reported license plate data to locate stolen vehicles and identify suspects quickly, boosting public safety and morale.

  1. Generate Traffic Revenue Automatically

Long gone are the days of tossing loose change into a tollbooth basket. ALPR makes it possible for drivers to pay tolls without ever slowing down. Readers scan the license plate and charge the corresponding account. The system can even identify vehicles with outstanding fines, improving collection rates. Best of all, switching to this high-tech system reduces the need for attendants, significantly reducing overhead costs.

ALPR: Boost Parking and Traffic Security for All Industries

Countless companies already rely on license plate scanning to streamline access control, improve security, and elevate the user experience. It’s beneficial for all industries. Level up your organization’s parking management, toll collection, and roadway monitoring with ALPR technology.

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